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or a private person in giving legal notice; nor shall the same <br />include any sign not exceeding twenty s~uare feet in area used <br />exclusively to advertise the sale or lease of the property on <br />which the sign is placed, or to designate the name or the oc- <br />cupant of the premises. <br /> <br />"SECTION 8~41.3. Same. Accessory Sign Defined. <br />"'ACCESSORY SIGN' is defined to be any advertising sign or <br />sign device erected or maintained and which is strictly inci- <br />dental and subordinate to the lawful use~of the premises upon <br />which it is located, and indicates the business transacted or <br />services rendered or goods sold or produced on the premises, or <br />an occupant thereof; provided, however, that said accessory <br />sign shall not have a surface area greater than forty square <br />feet. <br /> <br /> "SECTION $4~1.4. Same. Exceptions. <br /> <br /> "The provisions of Section 8~1 shall not apply to any sign <br />structure constructed, painted or maintained on a building or <br />premises on which the advertising is limited to: <br /> <br />(a) The name of the building whereon the sign is located. <br />(b) The name of the person, firm or corporatie~ occupying <br />the building and the type of h~siness conducted by such person, <br />firm or corporation. <br /> <br />(c) The name of the product manufactured on the premises. <br />(d) Advertising which is strictly incidental and subordi- <br />nate to the lawful use of the premises on which it is located, <br />including signs advertising services rendered or goods sold on <br />the premises, but no such advertising or signs shall exceed <br />forty square feet in area. <br /> <br /> (e) The exceptions shall not be construed as permitting <br />signs indicating the trade name, merchandise or service of any <br />person or corporation who pays a consideration for the privilege <br />of placing, maintaining or using any portion of said sign or <br />painted advertising to the owner or occupant of the premises <br /> <br /> <br />