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ALSO all that property on the South side of E. 17th Street <br />commencing at the intersection of E. 17th and Main Streets de- <br />scribed as follows: <br /> <br /> Lots 1, 3, 5, 7, Bloc~ A, and Lots 1, 2, ~ and 4, Bloc~ <br />B, Goodwin Addition; Lots l, 2, 3 and 4, Block C, and Lots l, <br />2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, Block A, Warner Subdivision; Lots l, <br />2, 3, and 4, Block A, Tract No. 276; a~ well as that parcel <br />of land between the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Westerly <br />right of way line of the Santa Ann Freeway for a depth of <br />approximately 200', <br /> <br />be reclassified from R-2a~d C DiaSrtet ~o~h~."C-I (Neighber~ . ~, :~ <br />hood Commercial District) and that Sheet Numbered 2, of the <br />Districting Map of Article IX of the Santa Ann Municipal Code be amend, <br /> <br />ed to show such reclassification. <br /> <br /> SECTION 2. The Clerk of the Council shall certify to the passage <br />6f this Ordinance and shell cause the same to be published within 15 <br /> <br />days after its adoption, in one issue of the Santa Ane Independent, <br /> <br />the official newspaper of the City. This Ordinance shell teke effect <br /> <br />30 days from and after the date of its final adoption. <br /> <br />PASSED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Santa Ann <br /> <br />at its <br /> <br />regular meeting held on the ls~ day of Febrmar~ , <br /> <br />195~. <br /> <br /> CLERK OF THE COUNCIL <br /> <br />/MAYOR <br /> <br />(SEAL) <br /> <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE } SS <br />CITY OF SANTA~IA ) <br /> I, ERM~ KEELER, do hereby certify that I am the Clerk of the <br />Council of the City of Senta ann, California; that the foregoing Ordi- <br />nance was regularly introduced at the regular meeting of <br />said City Council held on the 185~ day of ~anmam2 , 1954 and was <br />read to said Council at its regular meeting held on the <br />ls~ day of Febrmar~ , 195~ and was at said meeting regularly passed <br />and adopted by said Council by the following vote, to-wit: <br /> AYES, COUNCILMEN: ~illiam Jerome, J.L.NoBri~e, <br /> Thomas F. Larsen, Nilford W. Dahl, <br /> Cour~ney R. Chandler. <br /> <br />NOES, COUNCILMEN: Nome <br />ABSENT, COUNC'ILMEN: None <br /> <br />(SEAL) <br /> <br />CLERK'OF THE COUNCIL <br /> <br /> <br />