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ORDINANCE NO. NS-33 ESTABLISHING SETBACK LINES ON <br />F_J~C~ SIDE OF ~ STRUT FROM MAIN ST~T TO THE <br />~STERLY CITT LIMITS BY A/~ENDING ~o~S-SECTION (e) OF SECTION <br />9150, PART 2, CHAPTER 1, .ARTICLE IX OF THE SANTA ANA MUNI- <br />CIPAE OODE <br /> <br />TEE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />~ISN 1. That the public peace, health, safety, comfort, <br /> <br />convenience, interest and welfare require that there be and there <br /> <br />are hereby established, setback lines upom and along each side of <br /> <br />West First Street in the City of Santa Asa as hereinbelow sat out, <br /> <br />all in accordance with the notice contained in Resolution No. 54-8. <br /> <br />SEOTION 2. That Sub-section (e) of Section 9150 of Part 2, <br /> <br />Chapter 1, Article IX of the Santa Asa Municipal Code be and it is <br /> <br />hereby amended to read am follows: <br /> <br />West First Street dietamt 42 feet from the surveyed <br />center line thereof measured at right angles with maid <br />center line from Main Street to Daisy Street on the <br />South and fromM als Street ~o Townsend Street on the <br />North; a,d distant 55 feet measured at right angles <br />with maid surveyed center line from Daisy Street to <br />the West City Limits on the South and from Townsend <br />Street to the West 0ity Limits on the North." <br /> <br />SEOTION 3. The Clerk of the Council shall certify to the pas- <br /> <br />sage of this Ordinance and shall ?muse the same to be published with- <br />in 15 dayS~after its adoption, in one issue of the Santa Ana Inde- <br />pendent, the official newspaper of the City. This 0rdinance shall <br />take effect 30 days from and after the date of its final adoption. <br /> <br /> PASSED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Santa Asa <br /> <br />at its regular meeting held on the 15th day of <br /> <br />March , 1955. <br /> <br />ATTEST :~ <br />0T.wRK OF THE COUNCIL <br /> <br />(s~) <br /> <br /> <br />