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ORDINANCE NO. NS-38 AEENDI~G PART 7, CHAPTER 2, O~~ <br />ARTICLE IV OF ~{E SANTA ANA I~iUNICIPAL CODE BY ADDING <br />PEW SECTIONS THE~TO TO ~QUI~ SPECIAL LICENSE FOR <br />PUBLIC PROPERTY USE. <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL O? THE CITY OF SANTA AI~A DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLO~NS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. That Part ?, Chapter 2, Article IV of the Santa <br /> <br />Aha ~unici~al Code be and the same is hereby a~ended by adding new <br />Sections numbered 4280 through 4280.3 to the end thereof following <br />Section 4279.2 in words and figures as follows: <br /> <br /> "SECTION ~280. SPECIAL LICENSE FOR PUBLIC PROPERTY USE. <br /> <br /> No person shall conduct, perform, exhibit or take part <br /> in any musical, theatrical or dramatic representation, o~ <br /> parade or procession, or open air public meeting, debate or <br /> lecture upon any-public stmeet, way, park or any land owned <br /> by the City unless a Special License for such use has first <br /> been obtained from the City Council and then only in <br /> <br /> compliance with the terms of such Special License. Such <br /> Special License shall be in addition to any other license <br /> or permit required by this code. <br /> <br /> "SECTION 4280.1. CONTENT OF SPECIAL LICENSE, <br /> <br /> Every such Special License shall b9 in writing and <br /> <br /> shall specify the nature of the use per~itteR, the day, <br /> the hour of beginning and the hour of ending of the Special <br /> License, and the exact place where such representation, <br /> open air public meeting, debate or lecture may be held or <br /> the course over which such parade or procession may pass. <br /> <br /> No Special License shall be reqnired for funeral processions. <br /> The City Council may grant a continuing Special License <br /> when, in its opinion, the same would be consis$ont with the <br /> s$andards setout in Section 428o.3 hereof and may revoke <br /> any continuing Special License at any time. <br /> "SECTION 428o.2. APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL LICENSE. <br /> <br /> Every person soeking a Special License required by <br /> Section 428o hereof shall file with the Clerk of the <br /> Council two copies of a verified application giving the <br /> <br /> <br />