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9RDINANCE NO. <br /> <br />AN ORDINANOE ADOPTING THE ANNUAL B~D6ET <br />FOR THE FISCAL ~ COMMENCING JULY 1, <br />1954 AND FIXING THE LIMITATIONS OF EX- <br />PENDITURES F~THE SEVERAL F~NDS AND <br />THE ~NCTIONS, DEPARTMENTS AND FOR A~- <br />TIVITIES CAP/~IED ON UNDER SUCH FUNDS. <br /> <br />~.AS, THE CITY MANAGER HAS PREPARED <br />AND SUBMITTED TO THIS COUNCIL A PRO- <br />POSED BUDGET OF EXPENDITURE FOR THE <br />FISCAL YEAR 00M~ENCING JULY 1, 1954 <br />PURSUANT TO THE PROVISIONS OF SEOTION <br />605 OF THE CITY CHARTER; AND <br /> <br />~S, IN PURSUANCE TO SECTION 606 <br />OF THE CITY CHARTER, A PUBLIC HEARING <br />WAS HELD UPON THE SAID PROPOSED BUDGET <br />OF EXPENDITURES AFTER NOTICE OF SUCH <br />PUBLI0 HEARING HAD BEEN PUBLISHED IN <br />THE OFFICIAL CITY NEWSPAPER IN THE <br />MANNER PRES0B~BED IN SAID SEOTION 606 <br />OF THE CIT~ ~TER. <br /> <br />NOW, TMEREFOItE, THE CIT~ COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />~ANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AB FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> Section 1. The prol~ae~ budget of expenditure duly <br />submitted and considered as hereinbefore stated, to- <br />gether with supplemental revisions an~ amendments %here- <br />of, is hereby approved, adopted, and fixed as the annual <br />Budget of The City of Santa Aha for the Fiscal Yesm com- <br />mencing July 1, 1954 an~ ending June 30, 1955, in the <br />amounts and for the.funds, purpose~, functions, depart- <br />monte, and activities .a~ hereinafter set forth. Said <br />adopted budget, including said supplemental revisions <br />and amendments, together with a copy of this Appropri- <br />ation O~linance, shall be duly authenticated by the <br />Clerk of the Council and the same sb$11 be placed in <br />the official files of the Office of the 01erk of the <br />Council. <br /> <br /> Section 2. There is hereby appropriated out of <br />the Treasury of the City of Santa Aha for the fiscal <br />year beginning July 1, 1954, for the General Fun~ the <br />aggregate sum of Two Million, Four Hundmed eighty- <br />four Thousand, Four Hundred and Fifty Dollars <br />($2,485,450.O0) appropriated and restricted for the <br />functions, departments an~/~rz' activities hereinafter <br />set forth in the amounts shown. <br /> <br />Code No. Function, Department~ Activity <br />ll-GENE~h~LFUND <br /> <br />COO-City Council--Contingency Reserve <br />lll~City Co,_oil--Legislative <br />112' Council Insurance Premiums <br />ll3-Clty Council--Inter-Fund Transfers <br />ll%-Clerk of the Ccuncil-A~min. cf Office <br />116'Clerk of the Council-Elections <br />121-City Manager-Admin. of Office <br /> <br />Appropriation <br /> <br />$1~O,670.O0 <br />20,910.00 <br />27,150.00 <br />425,090.00 <br />13,19~00 <br />9,~05.00 <br />25,305.00 <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br /> <br />