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DEB',~.,:.~JNESS FALLING DUE FOR '.'a~ ~'A' YEAR 1954-1955, FIX- <br />DESIGNATING T~ NUMBER OF CENTS ON EACH $100.00 FOR 'A'as <br />VARIOUS FUNDS OF SAID CITY A~D HEBEBY LE¥IED ON THE WHOLE <br />OF '.'~E TAXABLE PROPERTY 0~ SAID CITT <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, heretofore, on the 28th day of Dece~er, 191~, the City of <br /> <br /> Santa Ama did elect to avail itself of the provisions of State law providing <br /> that assessment of property and collection of taxes might be done for cities <br /> by the co%ulty in which the cities were locate~[; and <br /> <br /> W~, under the proviaio~s of Section 600 of the Charter of the <br /> <br /> City of Santa Ana~ the county system of assessment and tax collection s~-11 <br /> continue to be used unless otherwise previ~ed by Ordinance; and <br /> <br /> W~EREAS, the Auditor of the C~unty of Orange on the 6th day of <br /> <br />August, 195~, filed his statement in writing with the City of Santa Aha, <br />showing the total value of All property within the corporate l~mtts for the <br />fiscal year 1954-55 as e~ualized and collecte~ by the Board of Supervisors of <br />Orange County~ and fixed the sum as shown by the assessw~nt rolls for said year <br />at $70,068,800~00 exclusive of operative property belching to public utilities, <br />and showt-g the total value of .11 preperty belonging to public utilities and <br />used as operative property within the corporate ltm~ts of sai~ City for sai~ <br />fiscal year as tentatively determined by the Boar~ of E~,-I ~zation of the State <br />of California to be $5,994,8~O~00 w~ich said amounts .~ke a total assessed <br />valuation for tax pu~oses with1- the City of Santa Aha of the sum of $76,013,640~00; <br /> <br /> NOW, ?..:~m~O~E, T"': CIT~ COUNUIL OF T~E CITT OF SANTA ANA DOES OI~i~IN <br /> <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. That the total valuation of the taxable property of the <br /> <br />City of Santa Aha of $76,013,6~O.00 $hall be used as a basis for the levy of <br />the taxes of the City of Santa Ama, at the s~ tim~ amd in the same manner in <br />which County levies are made and cor~cted~ <br /> <br /> <br />