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ORDINANGE NO. NS-66 I~GIARING THE ANNEY~ATION OF THAT <br />· '£~ITORY DESI~~I~D ANNE~' <br /> <br /> N;~mEAS, the City Council of the City of Santa Ana did on August 16~ <br />1954, declare its intention to mn~,x certain uninhabited territory by Resolution <br />No. 54-140, which sa/d Resolution was regularly published in the Santa Ana <br />Independent ,n~ Orange Daily News as required by law, and which said Resolution <br />gave due notice of public hearing to be held on the 4th day of October, 1954; and <br /> <br /> WHEP~2%8, at said hearing there were no objections or protests to said <br />proposed annexation; <br /> <br /> NOW, '~'O~E~ T"".' CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES OBDAIN <br /> <br /> SECTION 1, That after due hearing regularly held in all respects as <br />required by law and as more particularly shown in the files of this proceeding, <br />it finds that there was no protest to the -nnexation of the territory herein des- <br />cribed, that due notice of the time and place of hearing was given; that said <br />territory was wholly uninh&bited at the time the petition for ---exation was <br />filed; that said territory is contiguous to the City of Santa Ama, California; <br />that written consent, of al I the owners was filed with the Clerk of the Council <br />prior to the adoption of this Ordinance, agreeing that all property within said <br />territory sba11 be taxed to pay any indebt~ess or liability of said City con- <br />tracted prior to or existing at the ttm- of --n-xation and that said property <br />sba11 be so taxed. <br /> <br /> SECTION 2. That al 1 of the territory situated in the County of Orange, <br />State of California, described as: <br /> <br /> Being a portion of the South 1/2 of the Southeast 1/4 of Section 10, <br /> Township 5 South, Range l0 West, S.B.B.~. Beginning at the intersection <br /> of the Westerly line of the City of Santa Ana with the Southerly line of <br /> said Section 10, said point of intersection being in the center line of <br /> First Street and distant 1224.29 ft. wsster~ly from the Southeast corner <br /> of said Section 10; thence ~,nnfng North 23u 49' 30" East along the said <br /> Westerly line of the City of Santa Ama, 713.56 ft. to a point; thence <br /> North 89° 14' 03" West, 1070 ft., more or less, to a point in the Easterly <br /> boundary of the 400 ft. right of way for the Santa Ama River Channel; <br /> thence Southwesterly along said Easterly boundary of the Santa Aha River <br /> cban-el to a point in the center line of First Street; thence East along <br /> said center line of First Street, 1038.5~ ft. to the point of beginning, <br /> <br /> <br />