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ORDINANCE NO. NS-73 DECLARING THS ANNEXATION OF THAT <br />CERTAIN T~~SIGNA'I'~s3 "FRANK BORCNARD ANNEX NO. 2" <br /> <br /> Wk~L~EAS, the City Council of the City of Santa Aha did on October 18, <br /> <br /> 1954, declare its intention to annex certain uninhabited territory by Resolution <br /> No. 54-170, which sai~ Resolution w~s regularly published in the Santa Aha <br /> Independent and Orange Daily News as requi~ed by law, and which said Resolution <br /> gave due notice of public hearing to be held on the 6th day of December, 195~; <br /> and <br /> <br /> WI~EREAS, at said hearing there were no objections or protests to said <br /> proposed annexation; <br /> <br /> NOW, THEHEFORE, T~ CITY COUNCIL OF '£~ CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. That after due hearing regularly held in ,11 respects as <br /> required by law and as more particularly shown in the files of this proceeding, <br /> it finds that there was no protest to the annexation of the territory herein des- <br /> cribed, that due notice of the time and place of hearing was given; that said <br /> territory was wholly uninhabited at the time the petition for a~nexation was <br /> filed; that said territory is contiguous to the City of Santa Aha, California; <br /> that written consent of al ~ the owners was filed with the Clerk of the Council <br /> prior to the adoption of this Ordinance, agreeing that all property within said <br /> territory shall be taxed to pay any indebtedness or liability of said City con- <br /> tracted prior to or existing at the time of annexation and that said property <br /> sh,ll be so taxed. <br /> <br /> SECTION 2. That all of the territory situated in the County of Orange, <br /> <br /> State of California, described as: <br /> <br /> Beginning at a point in the East line of Sec. 14, Tm 5 S., <br /> R. 10 W. of the SoB.B.~a~., distant North 0°13' 29" West 1361,1~ <br /> feet from the Southeast corner of said Section 1~; thence along <br /> the Santa Aha City Bounda~ line North 89o 58' 49" ~West 26~9.51 <br /> feet; thence North 0° 11' 41" West 1290.06 feet; thence along the <br /> Santa Aha City Boum~ary Line North 89° ~9' 20" E~st 2638~8I feet <br /> to the East line of said Section 14; thence along the Sauta Aha <br /> City ~oundary line bein~ the E~st line of Section l~, South 0° <br /> 13'29" East 1299.16 feet to the point of beginning. Containing <br /> an area of approximately 78.436 acres, <br /> <br />be and the Sam~ t~ W~reby annexed to and shall become a part of the City of Santa <br /> <br />Aha, Santa Aha Elementary School District, Santa Aha High School District and Santa Aha <br />Junior College District, and said annexation is by this Ordi~e.~ce effected, approved <br />and declared to take effect from and after the effective date of this Ordinance. <br /> <br /> <br />