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treating or boarding. <br /> <br /> VACCINATION shall mean the inoculation of a dog with canine <br />rabies vaccine approved by the County Neat and Livestock Inspec- <br />tor of the County of Orange. <br /> <br /> VICIOUS DOG shall mean any dog ~hich is known to have bitten <br />any person. <br /> <br />SECTION 4111.3. Vaccination Required before Licensing. <br />Neither the Finance Department, the Animal Control Man, or <br />any other person shall issue any license for any dog unless and <br />until such dog has been vaccinated as herein defined and the owner <br />or person seeking such license shall produce for inspection, a <br />Certificate from a licensed veterinarian showing vaccination with- <br />in the preceding twenty-four months, which Certificate may be ac- <br />cepted as proof of vaccination. Any dog may be exempt from vacci- <br />nation and license issued therefor without such proof upon pre- <br />sentation of an Affidavit sworn to within sixty days preceding <br />the application for license, by a Veterinarian licensed to prac- <br />tice and actually practicing in the State of California, stating <br />that in his opinion, the rabies vaccination would be likely to <br />seriously injure the dog described therein. No person shall al- <br />low any dog so exempt from rabies vaccination to run at large or <br />be led about the streets on a leash at any time, and such dog <br /> <br />must be restricted to the securely inclosed yard of the owner. <br /> SECTION 4112. License Tax Imposed. <br /> <br /> (a) A license tax is hereby levied on all dogs over the age <br />of six months, owned, kept, harbored, or in the custody or under <br />the control of any person within the City, at the rate of three <br />Dollars for each dog for each two year period, beginning July l, <br />1956 and upon the first day of every July of every even numbered <br />year thereafter, payable in advance. Any person importing, any <br />dog into the City or owning any puppy that reaches the age of <br />six months after the first quarter of said licensing period has <br />expired may be granted a license upon the pa~ent of three <br />quarters of license tax; after one-half of the licensing period <br /> <br /> <br />