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ORDINANCE NO. NS-196 ADOPTING THE ANNUAL BUDGET FOR THE <br />FISCAL YEAR COM~ENCING JULY 1, 1956, AND FIXING THE LIMITA- <br />TIONS OF EXPENDITUP~ES FOR THE SEVERAL FUNDS AND THE FUNCTIONS, <br />DEPARTMENTS Ai~D ACTIVITIES CARRIED ON UNDER SUCH FUNDS. <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the City Manager has prepared and submitted to this <br />Council a proposed budget of expenditure for the fiscal year com- <br />mencing July l, 1956, pursuant to the provisions of Section 605 of <br />the City Charter; and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, in pursuance to Section 606 of the City Charter, a <br />public hearing was held upon the said proposed budget of expenditures <br />after notice of such public hearing had been published in the official <br />city newspaper in the manner prescribed in said Section 606 of the <br />City Charter. <br /> <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES <br />ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> Section 1. The proposed budget of expenditure duly submitted <br />and considered as hereinbefore stated, together with any supplemental <br />revisions and amendments thereof, is hereby approved, adopted, and <br />fixed as the annual budget of the City of Santa Ana for the fiscal <br />year commencing July l, 1956, and ending June 30, 1957, in the <br />amounts and for the funds, purposes, functions, departments, and <br />activities as hereinafter set forth. Said adopted budget, including <br />said supplemental revisions and amendments, together with a copy of <br />this appropriation ordinance, shall be duly authenticated by the <br />Clerk of the Council and the same shall be placed in the official <br />files of the Office of the Clerk of the Council. <br /> <br /> Section 2. There is hereby appropriated out of the Treasury of <br />the City of Santa Ana for the fiscal year beginning July l, 1956, for <br />the general fund the aggregate sum of Three Million, Four Hundred <br />Fifty-Seven Thousand, Six Hundred Ninety Dollars ($3,457,690.0q) <br />appropriated and restricted for the functions, dep~rtments and/or <br />activities hereinafter set forth in the amounts shown: <br /> <br />Code No. <br /> <br />Function~ Departmen% Activity <br /> <br />Appropriation <br /> <br />il-GENERAL FUND <br /> <br />ll-000-City Council--Contingency Reserve <br />il-ill-City Council--Legislative <br />ll-ll2-City Council--Insurance Premiums <br />ll-ll3-City Council--Inter-Fund Transfers <br />ll-ll~-Clerk of the Council--Ad_min. of Office <br />ll-ll~-Clerk of the Council--Elections <br />ll-121-City Manager--Admin. of Office <br />ll-125-City Manager--Special Census <br />llzl~l-City Attorney--A_d~_in. of Office <br />ll 141-Personnel Office- Administration <br />ll-151-Planning Department--Administration <br />ll-159-Plauning Department--Special Survey <br />il-lTl-Finance Department--Division of Accounts <br />ll-17~-Finance Department--Division of Purchasing <br />ll-174-Finance Department--Div. of Purchasing-Stores Section <br />ll-17~-Finance Department--Division of Treasury <br />ll-176-Finance Department--Div.of Purchasing-Central Services <br />ll-181-Civil Defense Department--Administration <br />ll-221-Bower,s Museum--Administration <br />ll-311-Department of Building Safety & Housing <br />ll-321-Fire Department--Administration <br />ll-322-Fire Department--Fire Suppression <br />ll-32~-Fire Department--Fire Prevention <br />ll-324-Fire Department--Alarm & Comm. Operations <br />ll-329-Fire Department--Bldg. & Equip. Maint. <br /> <br />264,775 <br /> 22,355 <br />29,b00 <br />674,005 <br />17,715 <br /> 13, o <br /> 32,445 <br /> 9,790 <br /> <br /> 23,270 <br /> 15,000 <br /> <br /> lb, 7~0 <br /> 1 ,3 o <br /> <br /> 7,5o <br /> 28,77% <br /> 76,315 <br /> .,255 <br /> 19,4 o <br /> ~2,99o <br /> 5,99o <br /> <br /> <br />