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ORDINANCE NO. NS-217 A}~DING ARTICLE IX OF T~ <br />SANTA ANA MUNIC~I~AL CODE CREATING CHANGES IN DISTRICT <br />BOUNDARIE8~ AND A~NDING SHEETS NO. 33 AND 34 OF THE <br />DISTRICTING MAP TO SHOW '£~ RECLASSIFICATION <br /> <br /> W~, the Planning Commission of Santa Ana has given notice of and <br />duly held a public hearing in connection with Amendment No. 207 initiated by <br />said Commission for Change of District Classification, and recommended to the <br />City Council the change herein set out; and <br /> <br /> W~E~, the City Council gave due notice of and regularly held a <br />public hearing on said application and does now find that public necessity, <br />convenience aud general welfare require the following amendment and that the <br />uses under the new classification will not be detrimental to the surrounding <br />property; <br /> <br /> NOW, T~DRE, T~ CITY COUNCIL OF '±'~E CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. That the real property in the City of Santa Aha, County of <br />OranEe, State of California, described as: <br /> <br /> Bounded on the North by an alley 130 feet South of and par-]lel to <br /> West Walnut Street; bounded on the East, between said North boundary <br /> and West Myrtle Street, by an alley 135 feet West of the West line <br /> of Flower Street, between West Myrtle Street and West C~.m~le Street <br /> by a line 161 feet West of and parallel to the West line of Flower <br /> Street and between West Camile Street and a point 124 feet South of <br /> the South line of West Camtle Street by a line 135 feet West of and <br /> parallel to the West line of Flower Street; bounded on the South by <br /> a line 124 feet South of and parallel to West Cam1 le Street; and <br /> bounded on the West by the East line of South Shelton Street, <br /> <br />be reclassified from R-1 District to R-2 District and that Sheets No. 33 and 34 of <br />the Districting M~p of Article IX of the Santa An~ Municipal Code be amended to <br />show such reclassification. <br /> <br /> SECTION 2. The Clerk of the Council shall certify to the passage of this <br />OrdiDa-ce and sba] 1 cause the s~me to be published within 15 days after its <br />adoption in one issue of the Santa Ama Independent. This Ordinance shall take <br />effect 30 days from and after the date of its adoption. <br /> <br /> PASSED AND ADOP'i~_~ by the City Council of the City of Santa Aha at its <br /> <br />regular meeting held on the 3rd day of December , 1956. <br /> <br />Ai~£mS~ ~ <br />CL~K OF THE COUNCIL <br /> <br /> <br />