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ORDINANCE NO. NS-218 ESTABLISHING A SPECIAL PRIMA- <br />FACIE ~,, L TIMI--~S~',~.KNTH ST~ BETWEEN BRISTOL <br />ST~' AND THE WEST CIT~ LIMITS. <br /> <br /> W~, after an engineering and traffic investigation study and re- <br />port on Seventeenth Street, west of Bristol Street, it appears that a uniform <br />speed limit should be established for this area under the authorization <br />contained in paragraphs (a) and (b) of Section 511.3 of the Vehicle Code, to <br />avoid confusion and to provide for or~rly and safe traffic movement in the <br /> <br /> NOW~ Th~Ru~'ORE~ T~ CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SAIITA ANA DOES ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> Section 1. That Section 3280 of the Santa Aha Municipal Code is hereby <br />amended by adding thereto a new paragraph immediately following paragraph "f" <br />in werde and figures as follows: <br /> <br /> "(g) No person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than <br /> <br /> 35 miles per hour on Seventeenth Street between Bristol Street and the <br /> Westerly City Limits." <br /> <br /> PA~ AND ADOP'~w~ by the City Council of the City of- Santa Ana at its <br /> <br />regular meeting held on the 3rd day of December , 1956. <br /> <br />A'I'A~ST: <br /> <br />CLERK OF TI~ COUNCIL <br /> <br />AYES ~ COUNC IIREN: <br /> <br />NOES ~ COUNCILMEN: <br />AB~IT, COUNCILMEN: <br /> <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE ) SS <br />CITY OF SANTA ANA ) <br /> <br /> I, E~MA HU~'IYR~, do hereby certify that I am the Clerk of the Council of <br />the City of Santa Aha, California; that tt~e foregoing Ordinance was regularly in- <br />troduced at the regular meeting of said Council held on the ~ day of <br /> ~ , 1956, and was again considered by said Council at its regular <br /> <br />meeti~ held on the 3rd day of December · 1956, and was at said <br /> <br />meeting regularly passed and adopted by said Council by the following vote, to-wit: <br /> <br /> Dale H. Heinly, J. Ogden Markel, William Jerome, <br /> Tilghmau A. Taylor, Milford W. D~hl <br /> <br /> None <br /> <br /> <br />