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0F©~NANCE ~Tg.NS-22~NDIN~ SECTIONS 2106.1, 2106.2, <br /> 210b.3, 210b.4 and 2106.5 OF CHAPTER I OF ARTICLE II <br /> OF THE SANTA A~A ~IUNICIPAL CODE <br /> <br />T~ME CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF S~tTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLO'~S: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. That Section 2106.1, 2106.2, 2106.3, 2106.4 <br />and 2106.5 of Chapter I of Artic~ II of the Santa Ana ~unicipal Code <br /> <br />be and the same are hereby amended to read as follows: <br /> "SECTION 2106.1 WARD NO. 1. <br /> <br /> The boundary of ~ard No. i begins at the intersection <br /> of the center line of North N~n Street with the Northerly <br /> City Boundary line on the.East side of North Nain Street and <br /> runs thence Southerly along North N~n Street to Nineteenth <br /> Street; thence Westerly along Nineteenth Street to Broadway; <br /> thence Southerly along Broadway to Pine Street; thence <br /> Easterly along Pine Street to ~aple Avenue;t hence Southerly <br /> along Naple Avenue to Camtle Street; thence Westerly along <br /> Camile Street to Orange Avenue; t hence Southerly ~ong Orange <br /> Avenue to Bishop Street; thence Easterly along Bishop Street <br /> to Halladay Street; thence Southerly along Halladay Street to <br /> ~cFadden Street; thence Easterly along ~cFadden Street to the <br /> Easterly City Boundary line; thence Northerly and following <br /> the City Boundary line around the Northeasterly part of <br /> <br /> Santa Ana to the point of beginning. <br /> "SECTION 2106o~ WARD NO. 2. <br /> <br /> The boundary of Ward No. 2 begins at the intersection of <br /> the center line of NcFadden Street with the Easterly City <br /> Boundary line and rume thence Westerly along NcFadden Street <br /> to Halladay Street; thence Northerly along Halladay Street <br /> to Bishop Street; thence Westerly along Bishop Street to <br /> Orange Avenue; thence Northerly along Orange Avenue to Camile <br /> Street; thence Easterly along Camile Street to Naple Avenue; <br /> thence Northerly along Naple Avenue to Pine Street; thence <br /> Westerly along Pine Street to Broadway; thence Northerly along <br /> Broadway to Second Street; thence Westerly along Second Street <br /> <br /> <br />