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SECTION 4. That if the proposition to chmuge the purpose for <br />which said money resulting from sale of bonds approved by the electors <br />as herein set out, submitted to the voters as hereinabove provided for, <br />receives the requisite number of votes, to-wit: two-thirds of the votes <br />of the qualified electors voting on the proposition, said proposition <br />shall be declared to have carried and said money shall be used as <br />specified in said proposition. <br /> <br /> SECTION 5. That the polls for said election shall be open from <br />? o.clock A.DI. to ? o'clock P.~. continuously on the 3rd day of June, <br />1958, and that said election shall be consolidated with the primary <br />election held throughout the State on said day. <br /> <br /> That on the ballots to be used at said special election, in <br />addition to any other matters required by law, there shall be printed <br />substsa tially the following: <br /> <br /> MARK CROSSES (%) ON BALLOT ONLY WITH RUBBER STAMP; <br /> · ¥EVER WITH PEN OR PENCIL. <br /> <br /> (ABSENTEE BALLOTS MAY BE MARKED HITH PEN AND INK OR <br /> PENCIL,. ) <br /> <br /> INS .TRUCTIONS TO VOTERS <br /> <br /> To vote on any measure, stamp a cross (+) in the voting <br /> square after the word "YES" or after the word "NO". All <br /> marks, except the cross ($~) are forbidden. All distinguish- <br /> ing marks or erasures are forbidden and make the ballot void. <br /> <br /> If you wrongly stamp, tear or deface this ballot, return it <br /> to the inspector of election and obtain another. <br /> <br /> On absent voter's ballots mark a cross (~) with pen or pen- <br /> cil. <br /> <br />PROPOSITION TO CHANGE THE PURPOSE FOR <br /> WHICH BOND PROCEEDS MAY BE USED <br /> <br />:YES <br />: <br /> <br />Shall the money obtained from the sale of <br />bonds approved by the electors of the City: <br />of Santa Aha at a special election held <br />April 9, 194.6, originally proposed to be : : : <br />used for improving Santiago Creek in Santa: : <br />Ana, now be used in the construction of a : NO : : <br />building to house the Santa Ana Police : : <br />Department? : : : <br /> : : <br /> <br /> A cross (%) placed in the voting square after the word "YES" <br />in the manner hereinbefore provided shall be counted in favor of the <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />