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ORDINANCE NO. NS-323 CHANGING THE CHAPTER AND SECTION <br />NUMBERS OF THAT--~TION OF '£NJ~ SANTA ANA MUNICIPAL CODE <br />NOW DESIGNATED CHAPTER I OF ARTICLE IX AND ADOPTING <br />MASTER PLAN PROVISIONS AS CHAPTER I OF ARTICLE IX OF <br />SAID CODE <br /> <br /> ~, heretofore the ZONING amd SETBACK LINES provisions <br />of the Santa Ann Municipal Code have been contained in Chapter 1 <br />of Article IX of said Code, under Section numbers beginning with <br />9100 a~ d ending with 9158 of said Code, and <br /> <br /> ~BEA~, in ~he interest of logicalorder it has been deter- <br />mined that Article IX of ssi d Code - PLANNING and ZONING - should <br />include as Chapter 1 the MASTER PLAN provisions, as Chapter 2 the <br />ZONING and SETBACK provisions, as Chapter 3 the SUBDIVISION REGU- <br />LATIONS, and that other conservation and planning elements should <br />follow said Cha~ter 3 in order, as the same will be adopted, and <br />in order to aoooerplish this logical arrangement it has been found <br />necessary to re~,mber all of the Sections and Section referendes <br />contained in said Chqv ter 1 of Article IX of the Santa Ann Municipal <br />Code to designate for each of them a 3ection number betwee~ 9200 <br />and 9300, without changing the substance of any of the wording im <br />any portion of those provisions now contained in said Chapter 1 <br />excepting the numbers designated for said Sections and the Section <br />references comtained in the text thereof. <br /> <br /> NOW, ~EREFORE, THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA <br />DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. That the subheading under Article IX - PLANNING <br />AND ZONING - which now reads ~CHAPTER X - ZONING" is hereby <br />amended to read, "CHAPTER 2 -'ZONING". <br /> <br /> SECTION 2. That all of the Section numbers beginning with <br /> <br />SECTION 9100 and ending with SECTION 9158, <br />any Section number in any of the sections <br />said number is now withi~ the 9100 series, <br /> <br />and each reference to <br />in said Chapter, which <br />is hereby changed, <br /> <br />amended, and redesigmated as a Bection number in the 9200 series <br />so that each of said numbers shall begin with the digits 92, instead <br /> <br /> <br />