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ORDINANCE NO. NS-328 DECLARING THE ANNEXATION OF THAT <br />CERTAIN TERRITORY DESIGNATED "TALBERT AND HARBOR N.W. ANI~EX" <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Ss~ta Aha did on May <br /> <br />5, 1958 declare its intention to annex certain uninhabited territory <br /> <br />by Resolution No. 58-127, ~nich said Resolution was regularly pub- <br /> <br />lished as required by law, and which said Resolution gave due notice <br /> <br />of a public hearing to be held on June 16, 1958, whic~ said hearing <br /> <br />was regularly held. <br /> <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of S~ta Aha does <br /> <br />ordain as follows: <br /> <br />SECTION 1. That after due hearing it finds the re was no protest <br /> <br />to annexation of the territory herein described, that due notice of <br /> <br />the time and place of hearing was given, that said territory was unin- <br /> <br />habited at the time the petition for annexation was filed; that said <br /> <br />territory is contiguous to the City of Sa~ ta Ana; that said territory <br /> <br />shall not be taxed to pay any indebtedness of the City existing at the <br /> <br />time of this annexation. <br /> <br />SECTION 2. That all of the territory situated in the County of <br /> <br />0range, State of California, described as: <br /> <br />Beginning at ~e point of intersection of the East line of <br />Harbor Boulevard (70.00 feet wide) with the North line of <br />Talbert Avenue (60.00 feet wide), said point being on the <br />City boundary of the City of Sauta Ana, California; and <br />running thence South 88° 45' 15" West along the North line <br />of said Talbert Avenue and its extension to the Easterly <br />right of way line of the Sauta Aha River; thence northeast- <br />erly along said easterly right of way line to its inter- <br />section with the North line o f the South one q~arter (S. l/4) <br />of Section 28, Township 5 South, Range l0 West, San Be~nardino <br />Base and Meridian; thence easterly along said North line of <br />the South one quarter (S. l/4) of Section 28 to the Southwest <br />corner of the Northeast one quarter (NE l/4) of the Southeast <br />one quarter (SE l/4) of said Section 28; thence South 1° 19' <br />45" East 990.00 feet; thence North 88° 45' 15" East in a <br />straight line to the East line of said Harbor Boulevard, and <br />to the City boundary of Santa Ana; thence southerly along <br />said East line of Harbor Boulevard, and along said City bound- <br />ary to the point of beginning, <br /> <br />be and the same is hereby annexed to and shall become a part of the <br /> <br />City of Santa Ana, the Santa Aha School District, Santa Aha High <br /> <br />School District and the Santa Aha Junior College District, md said <br /> <br /> <br />