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OP~INANCE NO. NS-329 <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING 'A'~ ANN~AL BUDGET FOR '1ti~ FISCAL YEAR COM- <br />MENCING JULY 1, 1958, AND FIXING '~am LIMITATIONS OF E~PENDITUI~S <br />~OR '~'~ SEVERAL FUNDS AND ~'~m FUNOTIONS~ DEPARI~4E~TS A~D ACTIVITIES <br />CARR~ ON ~ SUCH FUNDS~ <br /> <br /> W~S, the City Mmaager has prepared and submitted to this Council a pro- <br />posed budget of expenditure for the fiscal year comencing July 1, 1958, pursuant <br />to the provisions of Section 605 of the City Cb~ter; and <br /> <br /> Wa~tmAS, in purs.~a~ce to Section 606 of the City Charter, a public hearing <br />was held upon the said proposed budget of expenditures after notice of such public <br />hearing had been published in the official city newspaper in the manner prescribed <br />in said Section 606 of the City Charter. <br /> <br /> NOW, TmmmmgEE, '~ CITT COUNCIL OF ','.~: CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS <br />FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> Section 1. The proposed budget of expemliture duly submitted and considered <br />as hereinbefore stated, together with amy suppl--~utal revisions and amendments <br />thereto, is hereby approved, adopted, aud fixe~ as the a.n.,.1 budget of the City <br />of Santa Ama for the fiscal year ccmm~ncing J~ly 1, 1958, and ending June 30, 1959, <br />in the amounts and for the fun~s, purposes, functions, departments, and activities <br />as hereinafter set forth~ Said adopted budget, including said supplemental re- <br />visions and amendments, together with a copy of this appropriation ordinance, s~.11 <br />be duly authenticate~ by the Clerk of the Council and the same sba11 be placed in <br />the official files of the office of the Clerk of the Council~ <br /> <br /> Section 2. There is hereby appropriated out of the Treasury of the City of <br />Santa Ama for the fiscal year begin~g July 1, 1958, for the general fun~ the <br />(~,egate s~ of Four Million, One Humired and Seventy-four Thousand Dollars <br /> 174,000) appropriated and restricted for the functions, departments sad/or <br />activities hereinafter set forth in the amounts shown: <br /> <br />Code No~ ,,F~nctionl De~rtment~ Activity <br /> <br />Appropriation <br /> <br />il-coo-city Council--Contingency Reserve <br />il-ill-City Council--Legislative <br />ll-ll2-City ~ouncil--Insurance Premiums <br />il-liB-City Council--Interfmnd Transfers <br />il-liS-Clerk of the Oouncil--~m~J of Office <br />11-l16-Clerk of the Council--Elections <br />11-!~1-City Manager--~m~ of office <br />ll-125-City ~F~ger--~pecial Census <br />ll-131-City Attorney--Admin. of Office <br />11-141-Personnel Office --A~m~ uis tration <br />ll-l~l-P1 ~n~ng Depar tment--A~m~ ~ · stration <br />11-171-F~nanee Department--Division of Accounts <br />11-173-Finance Department--Division of Purchasing <br />ll-174-Finanee Department--Div~ of PurchaSing-Stores Section <br />ll-175-F~-~-ce Department--Division of Treasury <br />ll-181-Civil Defense Department--A~m~nistration <br />ll-22_l-Bower' s Museum--Administration <br />ll-3Ll-Department of Building safety & Nonsing <br />ll-321-Fire Department- -~%mt - lstration <br />ll-322-Fire Department--Fire Suppression <br />ll-323-Fire Department--Fire Prevention <br />ll-324-Fire Department--Alarm & Comm~ Operations <br />ll-329-Fire Department--Bldg. & E~uip. Maint. <br /> <br />364,420 <br />23,655 <br />33,500 <br />760,000 <br />27,260 <br />13,125 <br />35,615 <br />10,700 <br />27,620 <br />23,760 <br />~o,83o <br /> <br />29,005 <br />70,180 <br />27,8~O <br />646,205 <br />22,380 <br />38,490 <br /> <br /> <br />