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ORDINANCE NO. N~-335 AMENDING SECTION 9112.7 OF ~E <br />SANTA ANA MUNICIPAL CODE DEALING WITH THE -PK (DISTRICT <br />PARKING REQUIREME~T ) <br /> <br />~HERE~J~, after notice sad hearing the Planning Commission <br /> <br />recommended to the City Council an amendment to Section 9112.7, deal- <br /> <br />ing with the -PK (District Parking Requirement), as hereinbelow set <br /> <br />OUt, a~d <br /> <br />~HEREA~, the Council, after notice and hearing, have concluded <br /> <br />that said amendment to the zoning provisions of the City should be <br /> <br />enacted; <br /> <br />NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE C~TY OF SANTA ANA DOES <br /> <br />ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />SECTION 1. That Chapter 1 of Article IX of the Sm ta Aha Mun- <br /> <br />icipal Code is hereby amended to read in words and figures as follows: <br /> <br /> "Any District or my part thereof regulating the use of <br />land established under this Part, may be modified at the time <br />the zoning is first established or by amendment, by adding to <br />the District designation, "-PK" which shall make no altera- <br />tion in the uses permitted under the regular District Classi- <br />fication excepting that: In any District modified by being <br />combined with -PK (District Parking Requirement) each use <br />shall be required to mai nt~ n a minimum of one-third of the <br />total land space involved in such use for off-street parking, <br />and no use shall be altered, modified or enlarged ac as to <br />reduce the net off-street parking area maintained in conjunc- <br />tion with such use below one-third of said total land area, <br />nor shall any commercial or professional use be structurally <br />enlarged so as to create an additional off-street parking de- <br />mand in that area unless all of the demands of the District <br />Par~ing Requirement are complied with. <br /> <br /> Any persc~ erecting a residence in a District modified by <br />being combined with -PK, after the date of adoption of this <br />Ordinance, shall be required to provide and retain a minimum <br />of one-third of the total land space involved in such resid- <br />ential use available for off-street parking, except that such <br />area need not meet the requirements of paving, blacktopping <br />or fencing. Any residential use in a District modified by <br />being combined with -PK, whether or not such use existed prior <br />to the -PK requirement, shall not be converted to a commercial <br />or professional use unless and until all demands of the Dis- <br />trict Parking Requirement are complied with. <br /> <br /> The total la~d space involved in any use as herein referred <br />to may consist of two or more co-terminus lots, whether said <br />lots be side by side or facing on different streets and have <br />common rear lot lines or are separated only by an alley, and <br />further provided that said separate lots have the same record <br />ownership. The record owner together with any encumbrancer or <br />lessee of record, may record with the County Recorder, a declar- <br />ation that two or more lots or parts thereof shall thereafter <br />be devoted to a unit use and will not be separated by sale or <br /> <br /> <br />