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ORDINANCE NO. NS-346 DECLARING THE ANNEXATION OF <br />THAT CERTAIN TERRITORY DESIGNATED "SULLIVAN AND FAIRVIEW <br />N. W. ANNEX" <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Santa Ana did on <br /> <br />August 18, 1958, declare its intention to annex certain uninhabited <br /> <br />territory by Resolution No. 58-201, which said Resolution was regu- <br /> <br />larly published as required by law, and which said Resolution gave <br /> <br />due notice of a public hearing to be held on October 6, 1958, which <br /> <br />said hearing was regularly held. <br /> <br />NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Santa Aha does <br /> <br />ordain as follows: <br /> <br />SECTION 1. That after due hearing it finds there was no protest <br /> <br />to annexation of the territory herein described, that due notice <br /> <br />the time and place of hearing was given, that said territory was un- <br /> <br />in habited at the time the petition for ~nexation was filed; that <br /> <br />said territory is contiguous to the City of Sauta Aha, and that said <br /> <br />territory shall not be taxed to pay any indebtedness of the City <br /> <br />existing at the time of this amexation. <br /> <br />SECTION 2. That all of the territory situated in the County <br /> <br />of Orange, State of California, described as: <br /> <br />Beginning at an angle point in the City boundary of the City <br />of Santa Ana, said point being a point on the center line of <br />Sullivan Street, 96~.92 feet due South of the Northwest corner <br />of the tract conveyed by H. H. Roper~to C. G. Limington and <br />others by deed dated December 9, 1876, recorded in Book 52, <br />Page 533 of Deeds, Records of Los Angeles County, said north- <br />west corner being an angle point in said City boundary as <br />described in Ordinance 73, dated August 20, 1888, being the <br />northwest corner of Lot 3, Santa Ana Acres as shown on a map <br />recorded in Miscellaneous Map Book 5, Page 8, Regords of <br />Orange County; thence South 89° 48' 30" West 1,263.90 feet <br />along said City boundary to an angle point in said City bound- <br />ary; thence departing from said City boundary South 89° 48' 30" <br />West 88.10 feet to the northerly extension of the west line <br />of Kellogg Street as shown on said map of Santa Ana Acres; <br />thence southerly along said northerly extension and along <br />the west line of said Kellogg Street, and along the southerly <br />extension of said west line to a point 466.10 feet southerly <br />from the center line of Fairview Avenue as sho~ on said map <br />of Santa Aha Acres, and to the beginning of a tangent curve concave <br />easterly, having a radius of 1,250.00 feet; thence southerly and <br />southeasterly along.the arc of said curve through a centrsl <br />angle of 13 24' 02 to a tangent line, thence southeasterly <br />along said tangent line 1,052.94 feet to the beginning of a <br />tangent curve concave westerly having a radius of 1,150.O0 feet; <br /> <br /> <br />