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annoy any animal or bird in Prentice Park Zoo. No person <br />shall open, unlock or enter any cage, animal house, runway, <br />or display or exhibit pen in Prentice Park Zoo, without ex- <br />press authorization ~ to do fr~n the attendant in charge. <br />No person shall throw or propel any thing of any kind or <br />character, or squirt any water into any cage, animal house, <br />runway or display area, or into my pen or place where animals <br />are kept, fenced in, housed or caged in Prentice Park Zoo." <br /> <br />SECTION 2. This Ordinance shall take effect 30 days from and <br /> <br />after the time of its adoption. <br /> <br /> PASSED AND ADOPTED by <br /> <br />at its~ regular meeting held on the 17th <br />ATTEST: <br /> CLER~ <br /> <br />the City Council of the City of Santa Ana <br /> day of November, 1958. <br /> <br /> i ] ~ice MAYOR <br /> <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA) <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE ) SS <br />CITY OF S~NTA ANA ) <br /> <br /> I, ERMA HUNTER, do hereby certify that I am the Clerk of the <br />Council of the City of Santa Ana, california; that the foregoing <br />Ordinance was regularly introduced at its regular meeting held on the <br />3rd d~ of November .., 1958, and was again considered by said <br />Council at its regular meeting held on the 17th day of November , <br />1958, and was at said meeting regularly passed and adopted by said <br />Council by the following vote, to-wit: <br /> <br /> AYES, COUNCIL~EN: Royal E. Hubbard, Stanley C. Go~ld, Jr., <br /> A. A. Hall, J. Ogden Msrkel <br /> <br />NOES, COUNCILMEN: None <br />ABSENT, COUNCILMEN: Dale H. Heinly <br /> <br />CLERK OF THE COUNCIL <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />