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boundary of the Pacific E~ ctric Railroad right of way, <br />and ~uns thence Northerly along Main to St. Gertrude; thence <br />Westerly along St. Gertrude to Vau Ness; thence Northerly <br />along V~n Ness to Pomona; thence Westerly along Pomona to <br />Flower; thence Northerly alon~ Flower to Edinger; thence <br />Easterly along Edinger to Garnsey; thence Northerly along <br />Garnsey to Wilshire; thence Westerly along Wilshire to <br />Flower; thence Northerly along Flower to Russell; thence <br />Easterly along Russell to Patton; thence Northerly along <br />Patton to Fairview; thence Easterly along F~irview to Van <br />Ness; thence Northerly along Van Ness ~ Highland; thence <br />Westerly along Highland to Flower; thence Northerly along <br />Flower to Richland; thence ~este~ly along Richland to <br />Shelton; thence Northerly along Shelton to Bishop; thence <br />Westerly and Northwesterly along Bishop to Baker; thence <br />Northe~y along Baker to Nyrtle; thence Westerly along <br />Myrtle to Bristol; thence Southerly along B~stol to Willits; <br />thence Westerly along Willits to Raitt; thence Southerly <br />along Raitt to Fairview; thence Westerly along Fairview past <br />Center Street approximately 400 feet; thence North approxi- <br />mately 700 feet; the~ce East to Center; thence North along <br />Center to Monta Vista; t~ence West along Monta Vist~ and <br />continuing along the City boundary around the Southwesterly <br />part of Santa Ana to the point of beginning. <br />WARD NO. ~. <br /> <br /> The boundary of Ward No. ~ begins at the intersection of <br />the center line of West Seventeenth with the Westerly City <br />boundary line and runs thence Easterly along West Seventeenth <br />to Rosewood; thence Southerly along Rosewood to Fifteenth; <br />thence Easterly along Fifteenth to Freeman; thence Southerly <br />along Freeman to i~ighth; thence Easterly along Eighth to <br />Flower; thence Southerly along Flower to Second; thence <br />Easterly along Second to Birch; thence Southerly along Birch <br /> <br />-3- <br /> <br /> <br />