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ORDI~I'C~ ~O. NS-~84 A~-tE~'iDID~G ARTICLE IX OF <br />SAi~TA Al, IA i&~iCIPAL CODE fO C~GE DIST~<ICT CLASSi- <br />FICA~'IO~ A!4~D TO Pi%EZO~.E Ai~'D ~STABLISH DISTRICT <br />C~SSlFiCATIOi~{ Ob:' ~'IEi~.~iEi~'I' APPLICATIOiq I[O. 329 <br />z'O ESi~ABLiSH SSC'~'iOi~[AL DISTRICY ~.P 5-5-9 (E~tBIT <br />329 B) <br /> <br /> WHERrieS, the Planning Con~]~ission has given notice of and duly <br />held a public hearing on Amendment Application ~[o. 329 initiated by <br />said Co~m~ission to change District Classification for certain land <br />in the City of Santa Aha and to prezone certain land not as yet <br />annexed to the City of Santa Ana and presently situated in the County <br />of Orange, and reconm~ended 'the change and establishment of District <br />Classifications hereinbelow set out; and <br /> <br /> ?~ER~AS, the City Council regularly held a public hearing on <br />said questions and does now find that public necessity, convenience <br />and general welfare require the following amen~aent, and that the use <br />under the new classifications will not be detrimental to the surround- <br />ing property. <br /> <br />THEREFORE, THE CiTY COOi[CIL OF THE Ci'±I~ 0£ SANTA AhA <br /> <br />DOES O~DPAIA AS ~OLL~S: <br /> <br />county <br /> <br />SECTIOI[ 1. That the real property in the City of Santa Ana, <br /> <br />of Orange, State of california, described as: <br /> <br /> Jecuinnin~ at a ?oint ~,ere the centerline of %right <br />Street intersects the centerline of Seventeenth Street; <br />thence k~ortherly along the centerline of ~,right Street <br />for a distance of 1~0 feet more or less; thence Easterly <br />alon% a line approximately parallel ~o the centertine of <br />Seventeenth Street for a distance of 503 feet more or <br />less; thence .Soutaerly along a line approxi~aadely ?arallel <br />~o the centerline of %~right Street for a distance of 1~0 <br />feet more or less, to the centerline of Seventeenth Street; <br />thence %,esterly along the centerline of Seventeenth Street <br />for a distance of approxiIaately a0s feet to the point of <br />beg inning, <br /> <br />is hereby reclassified from the Ri District to the C5 <br />shown on Sectional District lie? 5-5-9 (Exhibit 329 B), <br /> <br />District as <br /> <br />and said <br /> <br />Sectional District ~iap is hereby amended to show said reclassification. <br /> <br />SECPZOt~ 2. 'z'hat ~%e real property in the County of Orange, <br /> <br />State of California, described as: <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br /> <br />