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~EREAS, the City Council of the City of Santa Ana did, on <br />~overmber 7, 19J0, declare its intention to annex certain uninhabited <br />territory by Resolution ~o. 30-212, which said Resolution was regu- <br />larly p~Dlished as required b~ law, and gave due notice of a public <br />hearing to be held Decen~er 19, 19S0, which% said hearin~ was regu- <br />larly held on said notice and on mailed notices as required by law. <br /> <br /> ~OW, ~2HEREFOi~E, ~HE CI'iT' COUi[CiL OF THE CITY OF SAt~£A AI~ <br />DOES O~AI~ AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SEC~IOE 1. '£hat after due hearin9 it finds there was no <br />protest to the annexation of the territory herein described, that <br />due notice of t'he time and place of hearing was ~iven; that said <br />territory was uninhabited at the time said i%esolution I[o. ~0-212 <br />was adopted initiating this procedure; that said territory is con- <br />tiguous to the City of Santa Ana and that said terribory shall not <br />be taxed to pay any indebtedness of the City existing at the time <br />of this annexation. <br /> <br />SECTION 2. 'i~at all of the territory situated in the County <br /> <br />of Orange, State of California, described as: <br /> <br />be, <br /> <br /> Beginning at a i~oint on the center line of %"~right Street <br /> which bears l~or~h 00° 02' 00" East 52~.00 feet, measured <br /> along said center line of Wright Street, from the in,er- <br /> section of the center lines of Wright Street and Seventeenth <br /> Street, said point of beginning' bein~ a point on the city <br /> boundary of the City of Santa Aha, California; and running <br /> thence 1,7orth O0° 02' O0'' East alon~ said city boundary and <br /> along said center line of Wright Street 527.73 feet; thence <br /> departing from said city boundary !~'orth L9° 57' 21~' East <br /> ~30.0~ feet; thence South O0° 01' 55" East 524.40 feet; <br /> thence South $9° 43' 35" West 1:30.¥7 feet to the point of <br /> be~-innin9~, <br /> <br />and the san~e is hereby annexed to the City of Santa Ana, and <br /> <br />said annexation is by this Ordinance effected, approved and declared. <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br /> <br />