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ORDINANCE NO. NS-530 ESTABLISHING HEIGHT <br />LIMITATION ON BUILDINGS OUTSIDE OF THE CENTRAL <br />AREA OF SANTA ANA FOR INTERIM PERI~D, AS AN <br />EMERGENCY ORDINANCE A~) DECLARING THE NECESSITY <br />THEreFOR <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the Planning Department has been conducting studies and has made <br />a report of preliminary study of the trend to multi-story structure and the effect <br />of such structures on adjacent properties to the Santa Ana Planning Commission, and <br /> <br /> WHEREA~, said Planning Commission has adopted a Resolution urgently recommend- <br />ing that the City Council adopt an emergency Ordinance to limit the height of <br />structures in the areas and to the extent herein provided for as a temporary in- <br />terim Zoning Ordinance to allow time for a more detailed study and determination <br />of the effect multi-story structures on adjacent properties and on the City ser- <br />vices in the various areas of the City and to allow time for the holding of <br />public hearings on the question of structural height regulation. <br /> <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANADOES ~ADAIN AS <br />FO~DWS: <br /> <br /> S~CTION !: That the City Council finds and declares that there are reports <br /> <br />of multi-story buildings being considered for location in various parts of the <br /> such <br />City of Santa Aha; that should/buildings be constructed there would or might be <br /> <br />created demands on the water and sewer lines, streets, fire fighting equipment and <br />personnel and other municipal services that would require changes to maintain the <br />high standard of services provided by the City and there might be effects on adja- <br />cent properties that can not be now predicted; that the Planning Commission has <br />ordered the Planning Department to proceed with a study of the effects of multi- <br />story buildings to determine demands for services, effects on adjacent properties <br />and other resulting ~mpact of such structures without delay, to prepare information <br />and material for said Commission and for the City Council; that to allow the issu- <br />ance of building permits for such structures at this time might largely defeat the <br /> <br />usefulness <br />thereon. <br /> <br />of any zoning plan which may result from such study and the hearings <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br /> <br />