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SECTION 6335. Bu~ldinq Restrictions Modified. <br /> Any room or place which meets the requirements of Section 6334 <br />shall be at all times open to public view and any partitions <br />between said area and other game areas shall be not less than <br />50~ transparent glass between a point 3 feet above the floor and <br />6 feet above the floor. <br /> <br />SECTION 6336. Minors Not Permitted. <br /> No person owning, managing, or being in charge of any room or <br />place where billiards or pool are played, in which room or place <br />any alcoholic beverage is sold or consumed, shall permit any <br />minor under the age of 18 years to play at any game there offered <br />or remain in said room or place. <br /> <br />SECTION 6337. Exceptions. <br /> The provisions of this Part shall not apply to any minor who <br />is accompanied by a parent or guardian. <br /> <br />SECTION 6338. Revokinq Permit. <br /> In addition to the penalties provided for violation of this <br />Code, the Council may revoke any permit given to carry on or <br />conduct a business where games of billiards or pool are conducted <br />for profit for any violation of the provisions of this Part and <br />for repeated violationsof law in said place of business. Before <br />such revocation the permittee shall be given notice and accorded <br />a hearing before the Council as provided for under Part 1 of this <br />Chapter. If the Council determines, after such hearing, that the <br />permittee has willfully violated the terms of this Part 3, or has <br />so conducted his business as to have repeated fights, disturbances, <br />batteries, or other violations of law occurring in his place of <br />business, the permit shall be revoked or may be continued upon <br />such conditions as the Council may impose. <br /> <br /> SECTION 2: That this Ordinance shall take effect thirty days <br />from and after the date of its adoption. <br /> <br /> PASSED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Santa <br />Aha at its regular meeting held on the 2nd day of Au~us% , 1965. <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br />CLERK OF THE COUNCIL <br /> <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA) <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE ) <br />CITY OF SANTA ANA ) <br /> <br />SS <br /> <br /> I, DORIS M. BROWN, do hereby certify that I am the Clerk of the <br />Council of the City of Santa Aha, California; that the foregoing <br />Ordinance was introduced at a regular meeting of the City Council of <br />said City held on the 19th day of ,julw , 1965, and was again con- <br />sidered by said Council at its regular meeting held on the 2ha day <br />of August , 1965, and was at said meeting regularly passed and <br />adopted by the following vote, to wit: <br /> <br />AYES, <br /> <br />NOES, <br /> <br />COUNCILMEN: <br />COUNCILMEN: <br /> <br />Gilmore, Brooks, Burk, Herrin, Markel, <br />Harvey <br />None <br /> <br />ABSENT, COUNCILMEN: McMichael <br /> <br />CLERK OF THE COUNCIL <br /> <br /> <br />