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of waste containers, and such other matters pertaining to the <br />storage, collection, conveyance, and disposal as he shall find <br />necessary, and to change and modify the same after notice as <br />required by law, provided that such regulations are not contrary <br />to the provisions hereof. The Director will coordinate his <br />activities and decisions closely with the contractor to make <br />certain that requirements are reasonable and possible regarding <br />equipment, personnel, and other prevailing conditions. <br /> <br /> (a) Appeals. <br /> ADy person aggrieved by a regulation of the Director <br /> shall have the right of appeal to the City Manager who shall <br /> have the authority to confirm, modify, or revoke any such <br /> regulation or fee. <br /> (b) Health Department Enforcement. <br /> The Health Department is empowered to enforce the <br /> sanitation of this Part as it applied to controlling flies, <br /> rodents, and other vermin and insanitary, unhealthful, or <br /> nuisance conditions. <br /> <br />Section 3830.5. Precollection Practices. <br /> (1) Refuse to be Drained. <br /> All free liquids shall be drained from refuse before <br /> placing refuse for collection, and all refuse put out for <br /> collection shall be placed in a suitable container except <br /> as herein provided. <br /> (2) Papers, maqazines, and Other Similar Materials. <br /> Papers, magazines, and other dry material may be securely <br /> tied in bundles with wire or cord strong enough to act as a <br /> handle for the lifting of such bundle. Other materials may <br /> be bundled if securely tied with wire or strong cord so as <br /> to have a length no greater than four (4) feet and a <br /> thickness of no more than eighteen (18) inches, provided <br /> that the weight of said bundle is no greater than forty (40) <br /> pounds. <br /> (3) Trimminqs and Clippings. <br /> Tree trimmings, hedge clippings, and similar material <br /> shall be cut to a length not to exceed four (4) feet and <br /> tied securely in bundles not more than two (2) feet thick <br /> before being deposited for collection, or shall be cut to <br /> short lengths and placed in containers. <br /> (4) Duty to Provide and Maintain Containers in Sanitary Condition~ <br /> (a) Refuse containers suitable for collection purposes <br /> and of such weight that they can be handled by one man shall <br /> be provided by the owner, tenant, lessee, or occupant of <br /> the premises. Refuse containers shall be maintained in good <br /> and sanitary condition. Any container that does not conform <br /> to the provisions of this Part or that may have ragged or <br /> sharp edges or any other defect liable to hamper or injure <br /> the person collecting the contents thereof shall be promptly <br /> replaced upon notice. No container when filled shall exceed <br /> sixty (60) pounds, excepting those equipped for mechanical <br /> handling. No single item exceeding sixty (60) pounds shall <br /> be placed for collection or picked up for removal. The <br /> Director of Public Works shall have the authority to refuse <br /> collection services for failure to comply herewith. <br /> <br /> (b) The City Council may, by resolution, establish a <br /> standard container or standard containers, and, if a <br /> resolution establishing such a requirement or requirements <br /> has been adopted and notice thereof given, as the Council <br /> shall direct, then the agency collecting refuse may refuse <br /> to take any refuse that is not placed in the required type <br /> of container, or in an approved container, or so bundled or <br /> packaged as to meet the requirements of such resolution. <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />