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ORDINANCE NS-841 AMENDING THE GENERAL PLAN OF <br />COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT; AMENDING SECTIONAL <br />DISTRICT MAPS 25-5-10 AND 36-5-10 (EXHIBIT A); <br />AND AMENDING CERTAIN SECTIONS OF THE SANTA ANA <br />MUNICIPAL CODE TO CONFORM THERETO <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council has heretofore adopted a General <br />Plan of Cc~munity Development, wherein various drainage areas are <br />described by number as a phase of the Public Services and Facilities <br />Element; and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the Santa Aha Public Works Department, the Santa Ana <br />Planning Department, and the Planning Ccamnission of the City of <br />Santa Aha have heretofore formally rec~,m, ended that Drainage Area VII <br />be amended by adding thereto certain real property; and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council, after hearing on public notice, has <br />determined that the said recommendations should be accepted; <br /> <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA <br />DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1: That Drainage Area VII of the Public Services and <br />Facilities Element of the General Plan of C~,m~unity Development be <br />amended by adding thereto the real property in the City of Santa Ana <br />described as follows: <br /> <br />All that property lying within and bounded by a line commencing <br />at the center line of Main Street where it intersects the center <br />line of sunflower Avenue; thence westerly along the center line <br />of Sunflower Avenue to the center line of Flower Street; thence <br />northerly along the center line of Flower Street to the southerly <br />property line of the Pacific Electric Railroad right of way; <br />thence northeast by easterly along the southerly property line <br />of the Pacific Electric Railroad right of way to the center line <br />of Main street; thence southerly along the center line of Main <br />Street to the point of beginning. <br /> <br /> SECTION 2= That a new section, to be numbered Section 9378.4 <br />is hereby added to the Santa Ana Municipal Code immediately following <br />Section 9378.3, in words and figures as follows: <br /> <br />SECTION 9378.4. Amendments to Local Drainage Areas. <br /> When an existing Local Drainage Area is amended to add <br />territory thereto or a new Local Drainage Area is created and <br />such amendment has been in effect for a period of thirty (30) <br />days, all of the provisions of Sections 9378., 9378.1, 9378.2, <br />and 9378.3 shall apply to the territory so added as though said <br />territory had been in a Local Drainage Area on May 6, 1962, the <br />date when the provisions of said Sections first became effective. <br /> <br /> SECTION 3: That this Ordinance shall take effect thirty days <br />from and after.the date of its adoption. <br /> <br /> PASSED A~ADOPTEDby the City Council of the City of Santa <br />Ana at its regular meeting held on the 18th day of April, 1966. <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br />CLERK OF THE COUNCIL <br /> <br /> <br />