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Section 3842. Noxious Growths. <br /> <br /> No person owning, managing, or having control or charge or <br />occupancy of any lot or private premises, shall: <br /> (a) allow noxious growths or growths otherwise dangerous to <br /> the life, health, comfort, or convenience of the <br /> community, to grow or remain upon such lot or private <br /> premises; <br /> (b) sow or disseminate, or allow or permit to mature, any <br /> noxious growth upon such lot or private premises; <br /> <br /> (c) suffer or permit any weeds, grass, rank growth or brush <br /> to grow or exist in excess of six (6) inches above the <br /> grade in the area of growth. <br /> <br /> It is the duty of every such person to prevent such growth or <br />existence. To establish a prima facie violation of this Section, <br />it shall not be necessary to establish any facts except that the <br />accused person owned, managed, or had charge, control, or occupancy <br />of a lot or private premises whereon such condition existed or <br />occurred. <br /> <br />Section 3842.1. <br />A. If and when <br /> <br /> Notice Requirinq Removal of Noxious Growths. <br /> <br /> it shall appear that noxious growths have been <br />placed upon or are upon or in front of private property in <br />violation of any of the provisions of this Part or of any other <br />provision of this Code, the designated officer may, by <br />appropriate written order, direct the removal thereof and shall <br />cause notices to be posted upon or in front of such property to <br />the effect that such weeds, vines, shrubs, or brush must be <br />removed within seven (7) days from and after the date of such <br />posting. <br /> <br />Such notices shall be conspicuously posted on or in front of <br />the property on or in front of which the condition exists, as <br />follows: <br /> (1) One (1) notice shall be posted on or in front of each <br /> separately owned parcel; <br /> (2) Not more than two (2) notices shall be posted to any <br /> parcel of fifty (50) to one hundred (100) feet frontage <br /> are required; <br /> (3) Notices shall be placed at intervals of not more than <br /> one hundred (100) feet if the frontage of a parcel is <br /> greater than one hundred (100) feet, with one (1) <br /> notice for each one hundred (100) feet of frontage. <br /> <br />In lieu of posting such notices, the designated officer may <br />send a similar notice to the owner of the subject property as <br />shown upon any City record,~rupon the last equalized tax roll, <br />at his last known address, whichever he shall determine to be <br />the best means for reaching the actual owner, through the <br />United States mail; but the failure of the owner to receive <br />such notice shall not affect the power of the City or its <br />officers or employees to proceed as provided in this Part. <br />Such notice shall be mailed not less than ten (10) days prior <br />to the date set for a hearing upon objections as provided in <br />Section 3842.3 of this Code. <br /> <br />Section 3842.2. No~tce Form. <br /> The heading of the notice <br />in letters not less than one <br />shall be in substantially the <br /> <br />shall be "NOTICE TO DESTROY WEEDS" <br />(1) inch in height. Said notice <br />following form: <br /> <br />"NOTICE TO DESTROY WEEDS <br /> <br />Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to Part 4 of <br />Chapter 8, Article III, of the Santa Ana Municipal Code <br />providing for the elimination of noxious growths such as <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />