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Section 6512. Report by the Director of Public Works. <br /> Prior to holding such public hearing, the Director of Public <br />Works shall consult with all affected utilities and shall prepare <br />a report for submission at such hearing containing, among other <br />information, the estimates of the extent of such utilities' <br />participation and the total costs to the city and affected property <br />owners. Such report shall also contain an estimate of the time <br />required to complete such underground installation and removal of <br />overhead facilities. <br /> <br />Section 6513. Council May Designate Underground utility Districts <br /> By Resolution. <br /> <br /> If, after any such public hearing the City Council finds that the <br />public necessity, health, safety or welfare requires such removal <br />and such underground installation within a designated area, the <br />Council shall, by resolution, declare such designated area an <br />Underground Utility District and order such removal and underground <br />installation. Such resolution shall include a description of the <br />area comprising such district and shall fix the time within which <br />such removal and underground installation shall be accomplished <br />and within which affected property owners must be ready to receive <br />underground service. A reasonable time shall be allowed for such <br />removal and underground installation, having due regard for the <br />availability of labor, materials and equipment necessary for such <br />removal and for the installation of such underground facilities as <br />may be occasioned thereby. <br /> <br />Section 6514. Unlawful Acts. <br /> Whenever the City Council creates an Underground utility District <br />and orders the removal of poles, overhead wires and associated <br />overhead structures therein as provided in Section 6513 hereof, it <br />shall be unlawful for any person or utility to erect, construct, <br />place, keep, maintain, continue, employ, or operate poles, overhead <br />wires and associated overhead structures in the District after the <br />date when said overhead facilities are ~equired to be removed by <br />such resolution, except as said overhead facilities may be required <br />to furnish service to an owner or occupant of property prior to the <br />performance by such owner or occupant of the underground work <br />necessary for such owner or occupant to continue to receive utility <br />service as provided in Section 6519 of this Part, and for such <br />reasonable time required to remove said facilities after said work <br />has been performed, and except as otherwise provided in this <br />Chapter. <br /> <br />Section 6515. Exception, Emergency or Unusual Circumstances. <br /> Notwithstanding the provisions of this Chapter, overhead <br />facilities may be installed and maintained for a period not to <br />exceed ten (10) days without authority of the Director of Public <br />Works in order to provide emergency service. The Director of <br />Public Works may grant special permission, on such terms as he may <br />deem appropriate, in cases of unusual circumstances, without <br />discrimination as to any person or utility, to erect, construct, <br />install, maintain, use, or operate poles, overhead wires and <br />associated overhead structures. <br /> <br />Section 6516. Other Exceptions. <br /> This Chapter and any resolution adopted pursuant to Section 6513 <br />of this Part shall, unless otherwise provided in such resolution, <br />not apply to the following types of facilities: <br /> (a) Any municipal facilities or equipment installed under the <br /> supervision and to the satisfaction of the Director of <br /> Public works. <br /> <br />(b) Poles, or electroliers used exclusively for street lighting. <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />