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(i) PEKSON: Any person, individual, firm, partnership, <br /> corporation, company, society, or association, and every <br /> officer, agent, or employee thereof. <br /> <br />(j) PREMISES: A parcel of land. <br />(k) QUARANTINE: The isolation of any animal within a substantial <br /> enclosure to avoid its contact with other animals or un- <br /> authorized persons. <br />(1) RUNNING AT LARGE: Free of restraint beyond the boundaries <br /> of the premises of the owner or custodian. <br />(m) UNLICENSED DOG: Any dog for which the license tags have <br /> not been purchased for the current fiscal year, or any dog <br /> on which a current license tag is not attached as provided <br /> for in this Chapter. <br />(n) VACCINATION: A protective innoculation against rabies <br /> with an anti-rabic vaccine recognized and approved by the <br /> Orange County Health Department. <br />(o) VICIOUS ANIMAL: Any animal which has bitten or broken the <br /> skin of, or in any manner attached or attempted to attack <br /> any person other than its owner within the City of Santa <br /> Ana; provided, however, that no animal which bites or <br /> breaks the skin of, or attacks, or attempts to attack any <br /> person unlawfully upon its owner's or keeper's premises, <br /> or which is provoked to attack, shall be deemed a vicious <br /> animal. <br />(p) VETERINARIAN: A practitioner of veterinary medicine who <br /> holds a valid license to practice his profession. <br />(q) VETERINARY CLINIC: Any establishment operated by a licensed <br /> veterinarian to provide dental, medical, or surgical treat- <br /> ment, and care for animals or birds on an out-patient basis. <br />(r) VETERINARY HOSPITAL: An establishment, operated by a <br /> licensed veterinarian, which provides clinical facilities <br /> for housing animals or birds for dental, medical, or <br /> surgical treatment. A veterinary hospital may be adjacent <br /> to or in conjunction with, or as an integral part of pens, <br /> stalls, cages or kennels for quarantine or observation. <br />(s) WILD ANIMAL: Any animal, reptile or fowl which is not <br /> naturally tame or gentle, but is of a wild nature or <br /> disposition or which is known to be vicious and which <br /> must be kept in confinement to be brought within the immedi- <br /> ate power of the owner. <br /> <br />Sec. 5-2. Administration of Ordinance. <br /> The Animal Control Man of the City of Santa Ana shall be <br />responsible for the administration of this Chapter. <br /> <br />Sec. 5-3. Authority. <br /> <br /> (a) The Animal Control Man is hereby authorized and directed <br />to enter upon any premises for the purpose of inspecting the same <br />to ascertain if any provision of this Chapter, or any law of the <br />State of California relating to the care, treatment, control, and <br />prevention of cruelty to animals, is being violated. <br /> (b) The Animal Control Man is hereby authorized, and it is <br />declared to be his duty, to go upon unenclosed lots or lands for <br />the purpose of taking up and into his custody for impounding any <br />animal found estray or running at large thereon or chained, staked, <br />herded, or grazed thereon contrary to the provisions of this Chapter. <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />