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along First Street to Sullivan Street; thence Southerly <br />along Sullivan Street to Willits Street; thence Easterly <br />along Willits Street to Townsend Street; thence Northerly <br />along Townsend Street to Myrtle Street; thence Easterly <br />along Myrtle Street to Pacific Avenue; thence Northerly <br />along Pacific Avenue to Pine Street; thence Easterly along <br />Pine Street to Bristol Street; thence Southerly along Bristol <br />Street to Cubbon Street; thence Easterly along Cubbon Street <br />to Flower Street; thence Northerly along Flower Street to <br />BishQp Street; thence Easterly along Bishop Street to Main <br />Street; thence Southerly along Main Street to Edinger Avenue <br />and to the point of beginning. <br /> <br />WARD NO. 3: <br /> <br />The boundary of WARD NO. 3 begins at the intersection of <br />Washington Avenue with Main Street and runs thence Westerly <br />along Washington Avenue to Broadway; thence Northerly <br />along Broadway to Washington Avenue as it exists West of <br />Broadway; thence Westerly along Washington Avenue to Bristol <br />Street; thence Northerly along Bristol Street to Seventeenth <br />Street; thence Westerly along Seventeenth Street to the <br />City Limit line as it exists just West of Nancy Lane; <br />thence generally Northerly and Easterly along the City <br />Limit line to its intersection with Flower Street; thence <br />Southerly along Flower Street to the Southern Pacific <br />Railroad adjacent to the Santa Ana Freeway; thence South- <br />easterly along said Southern Pacific Railroad right of way <br />to Main Street; thence Southerly on Main Street to the point <br />of beginning. <br /> <br />WARD NO. 4: <br /> <br />The boundary of WARD NO. 4 begins at the intersection of the <br />Santa Ana River with McFadden Avenue and runs thence easterly <br />along McFadden Avenue to Center Street; thence Southerly <br />along Center Street to Lingan Lane; thence easterly along <br />Lingan Lane to Townsend Street; thence Southerly along <br />Townsend Street to Wilshire Avenue; thence Easterly along <br />Wilshire Avenue to Raitt Street; thence Southerly on Raitt <br />Street to Edinger Avenue; thence Easterly on Edinger Avenue <br />to Bristol Street; thence Southerly on Bristol Street to <br />Warner Avenue; thence Westerly along Warner Avenue to Main <br />Street; thence South on Main Street to the South City Limits; <br />thence generally Westerly and Northerly along the South and <br />West City Limits to the Santa Ana River; thence Northerly <br />along said Santa Ana River to the point of beginning. <br /> <br />WARD NO. 5: <br /> <br />The boundary of WARD NO. 5 begins at the intersection of <br />Main Street and Bishop Street and runs Westerly along Bishop <br />Street to Flower Street; thence Southerly along Flower Street <br />to Cubbon Street; thence Westerly along Cubbon Street to <br />Bristol Street; thence Northerly along Bristol Street to <br />Pine Street; thence Westerly along Pine Street to Pacific <br />Avenue; thence Southerly along Pacific Avenue to Myrtle <br />Street; thence Westerly along Myrtle Street to Daisy Avenue; <br />thence Northerly along Daisy Avenue to First Street; thence <br />westerly along First Street to Townsend Street; thence <br />northerly along Townsend Street to the Pacific Electric <br />Railroad right of way; thence Northwesterly along the <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />