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SECTION 5: That on the ballots to be used at said special <br />election, in addition to any other matters required by law, there <br />shall be printed substantially the following: <br /> <br />MARK CROSSES (+) ON BALLOT ONLY WITH RUBBER <br />STAMP; NEVER WITH PEN OR PENCIL. <br /> <br />(ABSENTEE BALLOTS MAY BE MARKED WITH PEN <br />AND INK OR PENCIL.) <br /> <br />INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS <br /> <br />To vote on any measure, stamp a cross (+) in <br />the voting square after the word "YES" or <br />after the word "NO". All marks except the <br />cross (+) are forbidden. All distinguishing <br />marks or erasures are forbidden and make the <br />ballot void. <br /> <br />If you wrongly stamp, tear or deface this <br />ballot, return it to the inspector of elec- <br />tion and obtain another. <br /> <br />On absent voter ballots mark a cross (+) with <br />pen or pencil. <br /> <br /> PROPOSITION A - CITY OF SANTA : : <br />ANA PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT BONDS: Shall the : : <br />City of Santa Ana incur a bonded indebt- : : <br />edness in the principal sum of : : <br />$17,000,000 for the acquisition and : : <br />construction by said city of the follow- : : <br />ing municipal improvements (which have : : <br /> <br />been approved by the City Planning : YES : <br />Commission and by the City Council as : ~ : <br />constituting a City Plan): additions, : : <br />improvements and widening of street : : <br />system throughout the city including : : <br />street lighting and other facilities : : <br />therefor; additions and improvements : : <br />to the storm drainage system of the city; : : <br />additions, improvements and replacements : : <br />of the sanitary sewer system of the city : : <br />including trunk and connecting sewers; : : <br />additions and improvements to the fire : : <br />protection system of the city including : : <br />fire stations, additions to the fire : : <br />alarm system and other fire fighting : : <br />facilities including additional fire : NO : <br />station sites in various areas of the : : <br />city and including for all of the fore- : : <br />going land, furniture, equipment, : : <br />facilities and all other property : : <br />necessary therefor? . - . - <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />