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(11) Schools and studios operated for commercial and <br /> public purposes. <br />(12) Dwelling units when erected above the ground floor <br /> of a commercial structure when the ground floor is <br /> devoted exclusively to nonresidential use. <br />(13) Rest homes, convalescent homes, old-age homes and <br /> day nurseries. <br />(14) Signs as follows: <br /> (i) One single-faced nonflashing sign not more than <br /> twenty-four (24) square feet in area pertain- <br /> ing only to the sale, lease or hire of the <br /> particular building, lot or premises upon <br /> which displayed. <br /> <br />(15) <br /> <br />(16) <br /> <br />(ii) <br /> <br />Single-faced or double-faced flashing or non- <br />flashing signs pertaining only to business <br />conducted on the premises. <br /> <br />(iii) <br /> <br /> (iv) <br /> <br />Structural alterations and additions may be made <br />to existing residential uses provided that such <br />alterations and additions will in no way increase <br />the number of dwelling units contained on the lot. <br />The following uses subject to the issuance of an <br />approved conditional use permit. <br />(i) Trailer parks. <br /> (ii) Bill boards and advertising structures per- <br /> taining to a business or produc not conducted <br /> or sold on the lot upon which said sign is <br /> displayed. <br /> Outdoor and indoor recreational uses not set <br /> forth in subsection (c), paragraph (8) herein- <br /> above. <br /> Temporary directional signs. <br /> Adult book stores. <br /> <br /> SECTION 2. Chapter 41, Section 41-377 of the Santa Ana Munici- <br />pal Code is hereby amended by adding a minor exception permit require <br />ment to subsection (g) thereof to read as follows: <br /> <br />Sec. 41-377. Uses permitted. <br /> <br />Permitted uses are: <br />(a) All uses permitted in the <br /> <br />(c) <br /> <br />(d) <br /> <br />(e) <br /> <br />(f) <br />(g) <br /> <br /> C1 district but subject to <br />the conditions, restrictions and limitations of this <br />district. <br />Advertising signs and structures including billboards. <br />Carnivals and circuses, provided, however, that no <br />such use shall locate or operate longer than ten (10) <br />days within a six-month period on the same recorded <br />parcel. <br />Automotive garages including body and fender repair, <br />painting, and engine replacement. <br />Blueprinting, photoengraving, including all types of <br />reproduction processes. <br />Enclosed storage. <br />Nightclubs, bowling alleys, dance halls, skating rinks, <br />sports stadiums, arenas and outdoor theaters; provided <br />that no such establishment selling liquor or beer for <br />consumption on the premises may locate or operate with- <br />in three hundred (300) feet of any property zoned or <br />used for residential or agricultural purposes without <br />first obtaining a minor exception permit. No minor <br />exception permit shall be required when property with- <br />in three hundred (300) feet of an existing nightclub, <br />bowling alley, dance hall <br /> <br /> <br />