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ORDINANCE NS-113? AMENDING <br />SECTIONS 9-135, 9-136, 9-163 <br />AND 9-169 OF THE SANTA ANA <br />MUNICIPAL CODE PERTAINING TO <br />CIVIL SERVICE REGULATIONS <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />SECTION 1: That Sections 9-135, 9-136, 9-163 and 9-169 of the Santa Ana Municipal <br />Code are hereby amended to read in words and figures, as follows: <br /> <br />Section 9-135. Holidays - Regular employees. <br /> <br /> Legal holidays observed by city employees shall be January 1, the third Monday <br />in February in memory of George Washington's birthday, the last Monday in May in <br />commemoration of Memorial Day, July 4, the first Monday in September, the fourth <br />Monday in October in observance of Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday <br />irmnediately following Thanksgiving Day, December 25 and every day proclaimed by <br />the mayor as a holiday for city employees. Any holiday which falls on Sunday will <br />be observed on the following Monday. Any holiday which falls on a Saturday shall <br />be observed on the Friday preceding the holiday. <br /> <br />Section 9-136. Same - Shift personnel. <br /> <br /> Full-time employees whose regularly scheduled days off are other than Saturday <br />and Sunday shall be entitled to holiday benefits equivalent to those provided in <br />section 9-135. Except as otherwise provided in this division, and with the specific <br />exceptions explained below, employees who do not take holidays as they occur shall <br />be entitled to nine (9) working days off during the year in lieu of holidays. Such <br />substitute holidays shall be scheduled by the department head, normally during the <br />same month that the holiday is observed by other city employees. An employee <br />entitled to time off in lieu of holidays shall receive that time off in proportion <br />to his service at full pay in such capacity during the year. <br /> <br />The following exceptions apply: <br /> <br />Sworn members of the police department shall be entitled to eight (8) <br />working days off during the year in lieu of holidays until July 1, 1973, <br />on which date they shall be entitled to nine (9) working days off during <br />the year in lieu of holidays. <br /> <br />For uniformed members of the fire department assigned to the twenty-four <br />(24) hour shift schedule, the working day granted is a twelve hour day and <br />these employees shall be entitled to eight (8) working days off during the <br />year in lieu of holidays. <br /> <br />Section 9-163. Limit. <br /> <br /> The maximum total accumulation of sick leave with pay shall be one hundred <br />eigh~ (180) working days. On July 1, 1973, that maximum accumulation limit shall <br />be increased to two hundred (200) working days. Sick leave usage of less than a <br />full day shall be charged in minimum increments of one-quarter (~) day. For the <br />eight (8) hour working day the m~m%~B charge shall be two (2) hours, with fractional <br />usage rounded upward to the next higher multiple of two (2). <br /> <br /> Uniformed members of the fire department assigned to the twenty-four (24) hour <br />shift schedule whose standard work unit is a twelve (12) hour day, shall be charged <br />sick leave at the rate of one day for each twelve (12) hour absence. For these <br />employees, the minimum sick leave increment of one-quarter (~) day is three (3) <br />hours, with fractional usage rounded upward to the next higher multiple of three (3). <br />In those cases when an employee is transferred between twenty-four (24) hour shift <br />and normal five (5) day work week schedules, the employee's earned sick leave, which <br />is accrued in hours, shall be converted to agree with the number of working hours <br />per day in the currently assigned schedule. <br /> <br />Section 9-169. Payment for unused sick leave. <br /> <br /> Upon retirement, an employee who meets the following conditions is eligible for <br />payment for a portion of the unused sick leave which he has accumulated: (1) the <br />employee has been credited for retirement purposes with a minimum of ten (10) years <br />of cumulative service with the City of Santa Ana; and (2) retirement under the city's <br />contract with the Public Employees' Retirement System of the State of California shall <br />be a service retirement, as distinguished from a disability retirement. Such employee <br />shall be entitled to payment for one-third (1/3) of the total sick leave benefit <br /> <br /> <br />