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(2) <br /> <br />Request the governor to proclaim a "state of emergency" <br /> when in the opinion of the director the resources <br /> immediately available to the City of Santa Ana are <br /> inadequate to cope with the emergency. <br /> <br />(3) <br /> <br />Control and direct the effort of the emergency organi- <br /> zation of the city for the accomplishment of the <br /> purposes of this division. <br /> <br />(4) <br /> <br />Direct coordination and co-operation between division <br /> services and staff of the emergency organization <br /> of the city and to resolve questions of authority <br /> and responsibility that may arise between them. <br /> <br />(5) <br /> <br />Represent the Emergency Services organization of the <br /> city in all dealings with public or private agencies <br /> pertaining to emergencies. <br /> <br />(6) <br /> <br />Appoint a Coordinator of Emergency Services who, under <br /> the supervision of the director, shall be in charge <br /> of the Office of Emergency Services. He shall be <br /> responsible for: <br /> a. Emergency planning, research and training <br /> b. Daily emergency coordination and assistance <br /> to all staff agencies and citizens <br /> c. Emergency operational readiness of all city <br /> activities <br /> d. Such other related duties as appropriate to <br /> the office <br /> <br />(7) <br /> <br />Prepare and maintain, on a current basis, an emergency <br /> plan to be known as the "Emergency Plan of the City <br /> of Santa Ana, California." This plan, referred to <br /> in the remainder of this Division as "the plan," <br /> shall be effective upon filing of the plan with, <br /> and acceptance by resolution of the city council. <br /> <br />(8) <br /> <br />Implement the plan in whole or in part at such times <br /> he deems necessary. <br /> <br />(9) <br /> <br />Designate in the Emergency Plan the order of succession <br /> to this and all other key city positions to take <br /> effect in the absence of or inability of the prin- <br /> cipal to perform his duties during an emergency. <br /> <br />Sec. 2-405. Emergency Powers. <br /> <br /> In the event of the proclamation of a local emergency as <br />herein provided, or the proclamation of a "state of emergency" <br />by the governor or any person who may lawfully issue such <br />proclamation, or the existence of a "state of war emergency," <br />the director is empowered to: <br /> <br />(1) <br /> <br />Make and issue rules and regulations on matters reason- <br /> ably related to the protection of life and property <br /> as affected by such emergency; provided, however, <br /> such rules and regulations must be confirmed at <br /> the earliest practicable time by the city council. <br /> <br />(2) <br /> <br />Obtain vital supplies, equipment and such other properties <br /> found lacking and needed for the protection of the <br /> life and property of the people, and bind the city <br /> for the fair value thereof, and, if required immediately, <br /> to commandeer the same for public use. <br /> <br />-3- <br /> <br /> <br />