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ORDINANCE NS - 1163 <br /> <br /> Horizontal exit walls used for compartmenting a <br />building shall not have openings therein which would per- <br />mit transfer of smoke from one compartment to the other <br />except for required exits. For sprinkler alternate see <br />Subsection (m). <br /> <br /> (c) Fire Alarm. A manual fire alarm box shall be <br />located adjacent to exit doors into stairway shafts and <br />in every elevator lobby. The box shall be connected to <br />the Central Control Station and to the voice communica- <br />tion system as required by Subsections (f) and (g). The <br />system shall be designed in accordance with U.B.C. Standard <br />No. 18-1. <br /> <br /> (d) Fire Detectors. An approved system which will <br />provide for automatic detection of products of combustion <br />other than heat shall be installed in every mechanical <br />equipment room and in the return air portion of every air <br />conditLoning and mechanical ventilation system that serves <br />floors other than the floor on which the equipment is lo- <br />cated. The detectors shall be set to operate within the <br />limitations of U.B.C. Standard No. 43-6 and shall be located <br />at each opening into the vertical shaft. <br /> <br /> (e) Voice Alarm System. Both the detection system <br />and the fire alarm system shall activate a voice alarm <br />system capable of being operated from the Central Control <br />Station on both a general as well as a selective basis <br />dependent upon the compartmentation involved. The alarm <br />shall be designed to be heard by all occupants within the <br />building or designated portions thereof as specified for <br />the voice communication system. The elevator lobby detec- <br />tor required by Chapter 51 shall be connected to the system. <br /> <br /> (f) Voice Communication System. There shall be two <br />separate approved continuously electrically supervised <br />voice communication systems; one for Fire Department <br />communication system and the other a public voice communi- <br />cation (address) system between the central control station <br />and the following areas: <br /> <br />1. Elevators, elevator lobbies, corridors and stairways. <br /> <br />2. Every office area exceeding 1,000 square feet in area. <br /> <br />3. Each dwelling unit and hotel guest room. <br /> <br /> When approved, the fire department system may be <br />combined with the public voice communication system and <br />voice alarm system. <br /> <br /> (g) Central Control Station. A central control <br />station for Fire Department operations shall be provided <br />in a location approved by the Fire Department. It shall <br />contain the voice communication systems panel; fire detec- <br />tion and alarm system panels; status indicators and controls <br />for elevators; air handling systems; controls for unlocking <br />stairway doors; a public telephone; sprinkler valve and <br />water flow detectors; and standby power controls. <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />