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ORDINANCE <br />PAGE TWO <br /> <br />NO. NS-1169 <br /> <br />vehicle dealer, a junk dealer, or when such <br />storage or parking is necessary to the operation <br />of a lawfully conducted business or commercial <br />enterprise on land on which such business or <br />enterprise is authorized by the City's Zoning <br />Regulations. <br /> <br />Nothing in this section shall authorize the main- <br />tenance of a public or private nuisance as defined <br />under provisions of law other than Chapter 10 <br />(commencing with Section 22650) of Division 11 of <br />the Vehicle Code and this article. <br /> <br /> Sec. 16-113 - Administration and Enforcement. Except as <br />otherwise provided herein, the provisions of this article <br />shall be administered and enforced by the Chief of Police or <br />his designee. In the enforcement of this article such officer <br />and his deputies may enter upon private or public property <br />to examine a vehicle or parts thereof, or obtain information <br />as to the identity of a vehicle and to remove or cause the <br />removal of a vehicle or parts thereof declared to be a nuisance <br />pursuant to this Article. <br /> <br /> Sec. 16-114 - Authority to Remove. When the Chief of Police <br />has arranged with any person or persons, to accomplish the removal <br />of a vehicle or parts thereof pursuant to this Article, such per- <br />son or persons shall be authorized to enter upon private property <br />or public property for such purpose. <br /> <br /> Sec. 16-115 - Administration Costs. The City Council shall, <br />by resolution, from time to time determine and fix an amount to <br />be assessed as administrative costs (excluding the actual cost of <br />removal of any vehicle or part thereof) under this article. <br /> <br /> Sec. 16-116 - Authority to Cause Abatement and Removal. Upon <br />discovering the existence of an abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, or <br />inoperative vehicle, or parts thereof, on private property or pub- <br />lic property within the City, the Chief of Police or his designee <br />shall have the authority to cause the abatement and removal thereof <br />in accordance with the procedure prescribed herein and to arrange <br />with and authorize private persons or city employees to accomplish <br />such removal. <br /> <br /> Sec. 16-117 - Notices of Intention to Abate and Remove; Mailin~ <br />Form of Notices. A 10-day notice of intention to abate and <br />remove the vehicle, or parts thereof, as a public nuisance <br />shall be mailed by registered or certified mail to the owner <br />of the land and to the owner of the vehicle, unless the vehicle <br />is in such condition that identification numbers are not avail- <br />able to determine ownership. The notices of intention shall be <br />in substantially the following forms: <br /> <br />NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ABATE AND REMOVE AN <br /> <br />ABANDONED, WRECKED, DISMANTLED, OR INOPERA- <br /> <br />TIVE VEHICLE OR PARTS THEREOF AS A PUBLIC <br />NUISANCE. <br /> <br />(Name and address of owner of the land) <br /> <br />As owner shown on the last equalized assessment roll of the land <br />located at (address), you are hereby notified that the under- <br />signed pursuant to Chapter 16, Article IV of the Municipal Code <br />has determined that there exists upon said land an (or parts of <br />an) abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative vehicle regis- <br />tered to , license number , <br />which constitutes a public nuisance pursuant to the provisions <br /> <br /> <br />