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contract, or voluntarily, or intended as a gratuity or <br />donation. <br /> <br />CRUISING shall mean the movement or standing of a taxicab <br />on the public highways or public places for the purpose of <br />searching for or soliciting a passenger for hire. <br /> <br />DRIVER means every person in charge or control of, or driving <br />or operating any motor vehicle upon the streets, alleys <br />or highways of the City, either as owner, agent, employee or <br />otherwise. <br /> <br />DRIVER'S PERMIT means and includes the permit issued by <br />the Chief of Police to any person operating or driving <br />any vehicle as defined in this chapter. <br /> <br />FIXED TAXI STAND shall mean a space set aside for the ex- <br />clusive use of one or more taxicabs with marked stalls for <br />each taxicab operating therefrom and which is clearly identi- <br />fied with a sign stating the name and telephone number of <br />the operator of such stand. <br /> <br />HEARING OFFICER shall mean any person appointed by the <br />Clerk of the Council to conduct the public hearing, submit <br />written findings, conclusion and recommendations. <br /> <br />HOLDER shall mean any person holding a Certificate of <br />Public Convenience and Necessity from the City of Santa Aha. <br /> <br />JITNEY means and includes every vehicle authorized pursuant <br />to this chapter to engage in the business of carrying passen- <br />gers for hire along a fixed route of travel. <br /> <br />MANIFEST means a daily record prepared by the driver or <br />the management office of all trips made by any ambulance <br />or taxicab showing the date and place of origin, destination, <br />number of passengers, and the amount of charge to each <br />passenger. <br /> <br />MOTORBUS includes every motor vehicle used in the business <br />of carrying passengers for hire which receives and discharges <br />passengers along the fixed route traversed by it; shall not <br />include a taxicab, or any inter-city bus regulated by the <br />Public~ilities Commission. <br /> <br />OWNER includes every person, partnership, firm, entity, <br />corporation or stockholder thereof, having legal use, control, <br />or title of any motor vehicle as herein defined, whether as <br />owner, lessee, or otherwise. <br /> <br />PARTIAL STOPPAGE shall mean the furnishing of less than the <br />regularly scheduled bus transportation service due to work <br />stoppage, slow down, labor dispute, or when no regular bus <br />service is scheduled during the interval from termination <br />of the day's scheduled bus service and the commencement of <br />the next day's scheduled bus service. <br /> <br />PASSENGER FOR HIRE shall mean a person transported in a vehicle <br />for hire for compensation or other consideration. <br /> <br />PUBLIC CONVENIENCE AND NECESSITY is a genuine need for public <br />passenger vehicles for hire, to serve promptly, adequately, <br />and efficiently the needs and convenience of the general <br />public. This determination will be made at a public hearing. <br /> <br />STREET shall mean any place commonly used for the purpose <br />of public travel. <br /> <br />TAXICAB shall mean a motor vehicle used in the business of <br />transportation of passengers for hire, where transportation <br />is not over a fixed and definite route, but is under the <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />