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ORDINANCE NS- 1266 <br />PAGE TWO <br /> <br />SECTION 41-734.1 Specific Plan for Street Alignment <br /> No. 15 (Revised) <br /> <br />Flower Street, between Civic Center <br />Drive West and Tenth Street. <br /> <br /> SECTION 4: If any section, subsection, sentence, <br />clause, phrase or portion of this ordinance is for any reason <br />held to be invalid or unconstitutional by the decision of <br />any court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall not <br />affect the validity of the remaining portions of this ordinance. <br />The City Council of the City of Santa Ana hereby declares <br />that it would have adopted this ordinance and each section, <br />subsection, sentence, clause, phrase or portion thereof irre- <br />spective of the fact that any one or more sections, subsections, <br />clauses, phrases or portions be declared invalid or unconsti- <br />tutional. <br /> <br /> SECTION 5: The Clerk of the Council shall certify <br />to the passage and adoption of this ordinance and shall cause <br />the same to be published in the official newspaper of the <br />City of Santa Ana within fifteen (15) days after its adoption. <br /> <br /> PASSED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City <br />of Santa Ana at its regular meeting held on the <br /> 4~h day of August , 1975. <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE ) ss.: <br />CITY OF SANTA ANA ) <br /> <br /> I, FLORENCE I. MALONE, do hereby certify that I am <br />the Clerk of the Council of the City of Santa Ana; that the <br />foregoing Ordinance was introduced to said Council at its <br />regular meeting held on the 21.~t day of <br />1975, and was again considered by said Council at its <br />regular meeting held on the 4th day of <br />August , 1975, and was at said meeting passed and <br />adopted by the following vote, to wit: <br /> <br />AYES: COUNCILMEN: Ward, Yamamoto, Ortiz, Evans <br /> <br />NOES: COUNCILMEN: None <br /> <br />ABSENT: <br /> <br />COUNCILMEN: Brandt, Garthe, Bricken <br /> L~OJJr~CE I. <br /> <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br /> <br />KEITH L. GOW, CITY ATTORNEY <br /> <br /> <br />