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ORDINANCE NO. NS-1538 <br />Page two <br /> <br />(8) The business license history of the appli- <br />cant and whether such applicant, in previously <br />operating in this or any other city, state or <br />territory under license, has had such license <br />revoked or suspended, the reason therefor, and <br />the business activity or occupation subsequent <br />to such action of suspension or revocation. <br /> <br />(9) Ail convictions, including ordinance viola- <br />tions, exclusive of traffic violations, stating <br />the dates and places of any such convictions. <br /> <br />(10) If the applicant is a corporation, the name <br />of the corporation shall be set forth exactly <br />as shown in its articles of incorporation or <br />charter, together with the state and date of <br />incorporation, and the names and addresses of <br />each of its current officers and directors, <br />and each stockholder holding more than five <br />percent (5%) of the stock in the corporation. <br /> If the applicant is a partnership, the appli- <br /> cant shall set forth the name, residence address <br /> and dates of birth of each of the partners, in- <br /> cluding limited partners. If the applicant is a <br /> limited partnership, it shall furnish a copy of <br /> its certificate of limited partnership as filed <br /> with the County Clerk. If one or more of the <br /> partners is a corporation, the provisions of <br /> this subsection pertaining to corporations shall <br /> apply. The applicant corporation or partnership <br /> shall designate one of its officers or general <br /> partners to act as its responsible managing <br /> officer. Such designated persons shall complete <br /> and sign all application forms required of an in- <br /> dividual applicant under this ordinance, but only <br /> one application fee shall be charged. <br /> <br />(11) The name and address of the owner and lessor <br />of the real property upon which the business is <br />to be conducted, and a copy of the lease or rental <br />agreement. <br /> <br />(12) Such other identification and information, in- <br />cluding written waivers pursuant to the Education <br />Code, as the Police Department may require in order <br />to discover the truth of the matters hereinbefore <br />specified as required to be set forth in the appli- <br />cation. <br /> <br />(13) The Chief of Police may require <br />to furnish fingerprints when needed <br />pose of establishing identification. <br /> <br />the applicant <br />for the pur- <br /> <br />(d) The applicant, if an individual, or designated <br />responsible managing officer, if a partnership or <br />corporation, shall personally appear at the Police <br />Department of the City of Santa Ana and produce proof <br />that the required application fee has been paid and <br />shall present the application containing the afore- <br />mentioned and described information. <br /> <br />(e) The Chief of Police shall have a reasonable time <br />in which to investigate the application and background <br />of the applicant. The Chief of Police or his repre- <br />sentative shall render a recommendation as to the <br />approval or denial of the permit to the City Manager. <br /> <br /> <br />