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ORDINANCE NO. NS-1352 <br />PAGE TWO <br /> <br /> (f) Home occupations, offices, and studios when conducted <br />within the dwelling by occupants thereof, provided that not more <br />than one (1) sign, unlighted and not exceeding twelve (12) square <br />feet in area, is displayed in connection therewith. <br /> <br />(g) Temporary directional signs. <br /> <br /> (h) The following additional uses, subject to the issuance <br />of an approved conditional use permit as prescribed in Article V <br />of this chapter: <br /> <br />(1) <br /> <br />Public utility buildings and structures, including <br />electric distribution and transmission substations; <br /> <br />(2) Cemeteries, mausoleums and crematories; <br /> <br />(3) Mining, quarrying and other earth extraction indus- <br /> tries; <br /> <br />(4) Commercial or public airports and landing fields; <br /> <br />(5) Private airplane landing fields; <br /> <br />(6) Commercial dairies having herds of more than five <br /> (5) head; <br /> <br />(7) Commercial stables and riding academies; <br /> <br />(8) Feed mills; <br /> <br />(9) Packing plants for whole agricultural products; <br /> <br />(lO) <br /> <br />Commercial egg production, candling and sales; <br />commercial production of poultry, pigeons and other <br />fowl. Commercial production of these products if <br />produced, raised or fattened on the premises, pro- <br />vided that any poultry, pigeon or rabbit enclosure, <br />slaughtering building or place, be at least fifty <br />(50) feet from any existing dwelling or milk hand- <br />ling facility of a dairy; <br /> <br />(ll) Apiaries, upon the following conditions: <br /> <br />(i) <br /> <br />No occupied hives to be closer <br />fifty (150) feet to any street <br />right-of-way; <br /> <br />than one hundred <br />or highway <br /> <br />(ii) <br /> <br />No occupied hives to be closer than four hun- <br />dred (400) feet to any existing duelling on · <br />the premises or the premises of another apiary; <br /> <br />(iii) <br /> <br />No occupied hives to be closer than fifty (50) <br />feet to any property line common to other <br />property lines other than property lines of <br />another apiary; <br /> <br />(12) Churches, public institutions, public and parochial <br /> schools and colleges and hospitals; <br /> <br />(13) Trailer park or camp; <br /> <br /> <br />