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ORDINANCE NO. NS-143~ <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA <br />AMENDING SECTION 8-201 TO REDEFINE <br />"MULTIPLE FAMILY DWELLING" AND SECTION <br />8-21Q SUBPART M, TO MANDATE THE LIGHTING <br />REQUIREMENT TO INCLUDE SUBTERRANEAN PARK- <br />ING AND GARAGES AND DELETING SUBPART N <br />IN ITS ENTIRETY <br /> <br /> THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES <br />ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />Section 1: <br /> <br />That section 8-201 of the Santa Ana Municipal Code, is hereby <br />amended to read as follows: <br /> <br />Section 8-201. Definitions <br /> <br /> The following terms used in this Division shall <br />have the meanings indicated below: <br /> <br /> "APPROVED" means certified as meeting the require- <br />ments of this Division by the enforcing authority or his <br />authorized agents, or by other officials designated by the <br />enforcing authority to give approval on a particular matter <br />dealt with by the provisions of this Division with regard to <br />a given material, mode of construction, piece of equipment or <br />device. <br /> <br /> "AUXILIARY LOCKING DEVICE" is a secondary locking <br />system added to the primary locking system to provide addi- <br />tional security. <br /> <br /> "BOLT" is a metal bar which, when actuated, is pro- <br />jected ~or "thrown"l either horizontally or vertically into a <br />retaining member, such as a strike plate, to prevent a door <br />from moving or opening. <br /> <br /> "BOLT PROJECTION (OR BOLT THROW)" is the distance <br />from the edge of the door, at the bolt center line, to the <br />farthest point on the bolt in the projected position, when <br />subjected to end pressure. <br /> <br /> "BURGLARY RESISTANT GLAZING" means those materials <br />as defined in Underwriters Laboratories Bulletin 972. <br /> <br /> "COMMERCIAL OR INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS" is a building, <br />or portion thereof, used for a purpose other than dwelling. <br /> <br /> "COMPONENT", as distinguished from a part, is a <br />sub-assembly which combines with other components to make up <br />a total door or window assembly. For example, the primary <br />components of a door assembly include: door, lock, hinges, <br />jamb/wall, jamb/strike and wall. <br /> <br /> "CYLINDER" is the subassembly of a lock containing <br />the cylinder core, tumbler mechanism and the keyway. A double <br />cylinder lock is one which has a key-actuated cylinder on both <br />the exterior and interior of the door. <br /> <br /> "CYLINDER CORE OR CYLINDER PLU~" is the central part <br />of a cylinder containing the keyway, which is rotated by the <br />key to operate the lock mechanism. <br /> <br /> "CYLINDER GUARD" is a hardened metal ring or plate <br />surrounding the otherwise exposed portion of a cylinder lock <br />to resist cutting, drilling, prying, pulling, or wrenching <br />with common tools. <br /> <br /> <br />