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ORDINANCE NO. NS- 1634 <br />PAGE TWO <br /> <br />as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 18009, as well <br />as a "used mobilehome," as defined in Health and Safety Code <br />section 18014. <br /> <br /> (5) "Person" shall mean any individual, individuals, <br />partnership, unincorporated association, corporation, or <br />other type of firm or entity. <br /> <br /> (6) "Relocated residential building" shall mean <br />any existing building or structure used for residential <br />purposes, wherever located, which is proposed to be moved or <br />relocated to a lot or parcel in the city, which lot or <br />parcel is situated within the R1, R2, R3, R3H, RE or P <br />Districts. <br /> <br /> (7) "Residential structure" shall mean and <br />include any factory-built house, manufactured home, mobile- <br />home, or relocated residential building as defined hereinabove. <br /> <br /> (b) No person shall move or relocate any residential <br />structure onto any lot or parcel situated within the Ri, R2, <br />R3, R3H, RE or P Districts, unless such person has first <br />obtained a permit from the zoning administrator in accordance <br />with the provisions of this section. <br /> <br /> (c) Applications for a permit shall be in writing and <br />filed with the department upon forms provided by the depart- <br />ment and shall include the following information: <br /> <br /> (1) Name of street and official house number, the <br />name of the tract or block number and zone-use legend, the <br />lot or parcel number and its dimensions, including where the <br />residential structure is proposed to be placed on the lot or <br />parcel. <br /> <br /> (2) A description of the structural characteristics <br />of the building. <br /> <br /> (3) A plot plan, indicating the dimensions of all <br />existing and proposed building locations, yards, and setbacks. <br /> <br />(4) The estimated value of the residential structure. <br /> <br /> (5) A floor plan, indicating the minimum floor <br />space area of each room within the residential structure, <br />excluding porches, breezeways and garages. <br /> <br /> (6) A list of the names and addresses of all <br />property owners within three hundred (300) feet of the <br />exterior boundaries of the lot or parcel involved, as shown <br />on the latest available tax roll. <br /> <br /> (7) Such other and further information as the <br />zoning administrator determines is needed to assist him in <br />deciding whether to issue the permit. <br /> <br /> (8) Each application shall be signed by the <br />record owner or owners of the affected lot or parcel, or the <br />duly authorized agent in writing for such owner or owners. <br /> <br /> (d) Each application for a permit shall be accompanied <br />by a filing fee in an amount to be established by resolution <br />of the city council. <br /> <br /> (e) Upon the filing of an application for a permit, <br />the zoning administrator shall set the application for a <br /> <br /> <br />