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ORDINANCE NO. NS-1687 <br />PAGE TWO <br /> <br />and criminal record, if any, of the persons applyin~ for or <br />operating under such permit, the number and nature of any <br />violations of law occurring at or in the vicinity of any <br />dancing activity conducted by said persons in the city prior <br />to such consideration and the location and time dancing is <br />being or is proposed to be held. Any permit may be denied <br />or revoked or continued under condition as provided for in <br />section 11-4 if the neighborhood has been, or is, one that <br />produces an above average number of violations of law, or <br />violations of any provision of this chapter have occurred in <br />the place of business under consideration. No permit shall <br />be issued if the applicant or any person interested in or <br />havin~ any control of any part of the management of the <br />dance has been convicted of a felony or of a misdemeanor <br />involving moral turpitude or physical violence against the <br />person of another. Any such conviction will justify the <br />revocation of any existing permit. <br /> <br /> SECTION 3: If any section, subsection, sentence, <br />clause, phrase or portion of this ordinance is for any <br />reason held to be invalid or unconstitutional by the deci- <br />sion of any court of competent jurisdiction, such decision <br />shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of <br />this ordinance. The City Council of the City of Santa Ana <br />hereby declares that it would have adopted this ordinance <br />and each section, subsection, sentence, clause, phrase or <br />portion thereof, irrespective of the fact that any one or <br />more sections, subsections, sentences, clauses, phrases, or <br />portions be declared invalid or unconstitutional. <br /> <br /> SECTION 4: Neither the adoption of this ordinance <br />nor the repeal hereby of any ordinance shall in any manner <br />affect the prosecution for violation of ordinances, which <br />violations were committed prior to the effective date <br />hereof, nor be construed as affecting any of the provisions <br />of such ordinance relating to the collection of any such <br />license or penalty or the penal provision applicable to any <br /> <br /> <br />