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ORDINANCE NO. NS- 1720 <br />PAGE TWO <br /> <br />Code <br /> <br /> (3) The floor area of every such <br />building where fowl are given free run shall <br />be of sufficient area so as to allow for two <br />and one-half (2 1/2) square feet per fowl. <br /> <br /> (4) Ail dead animals, manure, refuse, <br />feathers, and other waste matter shall be re- <br />moved within a reasonable time, not to exceed <br />forty-eight (48) hours, or kept in fly-tight <br />containers until such removal. <br /> <br /> (5) If runs are provided and the for- <br />mation of ground therefor is such that it can- <br />not be kept in a clean and sanitary condition <br />at all times as required by the state or local <br />health department, the floor of said runs or <br />pens shall be constructed of cement, said ce- <br />ment to be laid so as to prevent rodents from <br />entering thereunder. <br /> <br /> (6) Rabbits and rodents-must be kept <br />in hutches so constructed as not to allow the <br />urine to pollute the ground, and provided with <br />floors that are removable for the purpose of <br />cleaning and disinfecting; no box hutches will <br />be~permitted. <br /> <br /> SECTION 2: That Section 5-18 of the Santa Ana Municipal <br />is hereby amended to read as follows: <br /> <br />Sec. 5-18. Proximity to humans. <br /> <br /> (A) Livestock. Except as otherwise provided <br />in this chapter, no person who keeps or has upon <br />premises owned, leased, or occupied by him, any <br />livestock, shall keep such livestock within one <br />hundred (100) feet of any family residence, with <br />the exception of his own. <br /> <br /> (B) Fowl and rabbits. No person shall keep <br />fowl or rabbits within one hundred (100) feet of <br />any family residence or building designated for human <br />occupancy, with the exception of his own. <br /> <br /> <br />