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562 <br /> <br />offering for sale of any such structure by the builder-owner <br />within one year after completion of same is presumptive evidence <br />that such structure was undertaken for purpose of sale. <br />Provided, however, that any person holding a state contractor's <br />license pursuant to Sections 7056, 7057, and 7058 et seq. of the <br />California Business and Professions Code, as the same now exists <br />or as hereafter amended, shall be considered a contractor. <br /> <br /> "Building And Loan" shall mean any person who for a fee engages <br />in the loan of money upon personal security, automobile, or any <br />personal property, evidences of debt, or purchases automobile <br />contracts, commercial paper, assignments of salary, salary <br />warranty, salary demands, time checks, or other evidences of <br />salary due or to become due, or automobile paper. The term <br />building and loan as used in this chapter includes savings and <br />loans, but does not include pawnbrokers or the holder of a bond <br />brokers license, or any person conducting a banking business <br />under the laws of the state or any person subject to the state <br />corporate income tax as a financial corporation. <br /> <br /> "Building-Tradesman" shall mean any person engaged within the <br />city, as an independent contractor in any trade, art, calling, <br />avocation or occupation of the building trades and not licensed <br />as a contractor by the state. <br /> <br /> "Business" shall include all activities engaged in or caused to <br />be engaged in within the city, including any commercial or <br />industrial enterprise, trade, profession, occupation, vocation, <br />calling, or livelihood, including rental of residential or <br />commercial real estate, and every other kind of activity whether <br />or not carried on for gain or profit, and whether or not engaged <br />in as a principal or as an independent contractor, but shall not <br />include the services rendered by an employee to his employer. <br /> <br /> "Business License Receipt" shall mean the receipt required to <br />be posted or displayed as evidence of a business' payment of the <br />tax required by the provisions of this chapter and shall herein <br />be referred to as "license receipt" or "license" except as <br />otherwise specified. <br /> <br /> "Business License Tax" shall mean the privilege tax paid as <br />required by the provisions of this chapter and shall herein be <br />referred to as "business or license tax" or "fee" except as <br />otherwise specified. "Charge" shall mean any fee fixed herein <br />which is intended solely to cover the reasonable administrative <br />cost incurred in performing any specified act on behalf of any <br />person or at any person's request for which said person shall be' <br />liable except as otherwise specified hereinafter. <br /> <br /> "Coin-Operated Machine Or Device" shall mean any machine or <br />device that dispenses a product, or provides a service, or <br />utility or amusement; resulting from insertion or use of a coin, <br />slug, token, plate, disc, plug, key, check or other device, or <br />money, or thing of value. <br /> <br />- 2 - <br /> <br /> <br />