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<br />ORDINANCE NS-2128 <br />PAGE 2 <br /> <br />,863 <br /> <br />Quality Management District (SCAQMD) to impose an <br />additional motor vehicle registration fee of two dollars <br />($2.00), commencing on April 1, 1991, increasing to four <br />dollars ($4.00), commencing on April 1, 1992, to finance <br />the implementation of transportation measures embodied in <br />the AQMP and provisions of the California Clean Air Act. <br /> <br />(7) Forty cents of every dollar collected under Section 44223 <br />of the Health and Safety Code shall be distributed to <br />cities and counties located in the South Coast Air <br />Quality Management District that comply with section <br />44243 of the code, based on the jurisdictions' prorated <br />share of population as defined by the State Department of <br />Finance. <br /> <br />(8) The city of Santa Ana is located within the South Coast <br />Air Quality Management District and is eligible to <br />receive a portion of revenues from the motor vehicle <br />registration fees upon adoption of this ordinance. <br /> <br />(9) The city council of the City of Santa Ana, after careful <br />consideration, hereby finds and declares that the <br />imposition of the motor vehicle registration fee by the <br />SCAQMD to finance mobile source air pollution reduction <br />programs is in the best interests of the general welfare <br />of the city and its residents. Therefore, the city <br />council deems it advisable to adopt this article. <br /> <br />Sec. 13-151. Intent. <br /> <br />This ordinance is intended to support the South Coast Air <br />Quality Management District's imposition of the vehicle <br />registration fee and to bring the City of Santa Ana into compliance <br />with the requirements set forth in section 44243 of the Health and <br />Safety Code in order to receive fee revenues for the purpose of <br />implementing programs to reduce air pollution from motor vehicles. <br /> <br />Sec. 13-152. Definitions. <br /> <br />As applied in this article, the following words and terms <br />shall be defined as follows: <br /> <br />(l) "city" shall mean the City of Santa Ana. <br /> <br />(2) "Mobile source air pollution reduction programs" shall <br />mean any program or project implemented by the City to <br />reduce air pollution from motor vehicles pursuant to the <br />California Clean Air Act of 1988 or the plan proposed <br />pursuant to Article 5 (commencing with Section 40460) of <br />Chapter 5.5 of Part 3 of the California Health and Safety <br /> <br />2 <br />