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198 <br /> <br /> APPROVING ~%NW ~A~OPTING T~a~O~R~N 1 T ¥ \ <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the City ~%&~ ~th~?~ ~ ~as <br />received from the co u %on ? is7 <br />sion"), perfo~ing the f~%~s~ Co--unity lopment <br /> Santa <br />Agency of the City of ~e "Agency") Section <br />33202 of the Co.unity Redevelopment Law, the Redevelop- <br />ment Plan for the Community Facilities Improvement Redevelop- <br />ment Project, a copy of which is on file at the o ce of the City <br />Clerk, 20 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, Calii and at the <br />office of the Agency at 20 Civic Center Plaza, Ana, Califor- <br />nia, together with the Report of the Co~ including the <br />reasons for the selection of the Project a description of the <br />physical, social and economic conditions in the Project <br />Area, the proposed method of financing redevelopment of the <br />Project ~ea, a plan for the relocation families and persons who <br />may be temporarily or permanently disp from housing facilities <br />in the Project ~ea, an analysis the Preliminary Plan, the <br /> <br />report and recommendations of the <br />of Santa Ana, a Project Area <br />impact report on the <br />fiscal officer and the Commissi <br />consultations with taxing <br />report; and <br /> <br /> Commission of the City <br /> record, an environmental <br />Plan, the report of the county <br />analysis thereof, a summary of <br />, and a neighborhood impact <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the <br />submitted to the City <br />cerning the <br />Redevelopment Plan <br />Santa Aha; and <br /> <br />of the City of Santa Ana has <br />its report and recommendations con- <br />Plan and its certification that the <br />to the General Plan for the City of <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, the <br />Commission held <br />of the Redevel¢ <br />20 civic Cent~ <br /> <br /> Council and the Community Redevelopment <br />public hearing on May 18, 1993 on adoption <br />Plan in the Santa Ana City Council Chambers, <br />, Santa Aha, California; and <br /> <br />notice of said hearing was duly and regularly <br />published the Orange County Register, a newspaper of general <br />in the city of Santa Ana, once a week for four <br />weeks prior to the date of said hearing, and a copy of <br />said notices and affidavits of publication are on file with the <br />city Clerk, the Commission and the Agency; and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, copies of the notice of joint public hearing were <br /> <br /> <br />