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ORDINANCE NO. NS- 2232 <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA <br />AMENDING CHAPTER 9 OF THE SANTA ANA <br />MUNICIPAL CODE, TO EFFECT A COMPREHEN- <br />SIVE REVISION OF THE PROVISIONS RELATING <br />TO CITY EMPLOYMENT <br /> <br /> THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS <br />FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1: That Chapter 9 of the Santa Ana Municipal Code is <br />hereby amended to read as follows: <br /> <br /> Chapter 9 <br /> <br /> CIVIL SERVICE <br /> <br />ARTICLE I. IN GENERAL <br /> <br />Sec. 9-1. Applicability of rules and regulations. <br /> <br /> The civil service rules and regulations contained in this <br />chapter shall govern and control the relationship existing between <br />city employees and the city upon any matter covered or regulated <br />herein. Exceptions to these rules and regulations may be negotiat- <br />ed with the appropriate recognized employee group(s), or allowed at <br />the discretion of the city manager when these changes do not impact <br />any recognized employee group, in keeping with Charter provisions. <br /> <br />Sec. 9-2. Definitions. <br /> <br /> The following terms, whenever used in these rules and <br />regulations, shall be construed as follows: <br /> <br /> Assembled examination: A test conducted at a specified time <br />and place at which applicants are required to appear for competi- <br />tive examination under the supervision of an examiner. <br /> <br /> Board: The personnel board appointed in accordance with <br />sections 911 and 912 of the charter. <br /> <br /> Charter: The Charter of the city, ratified by the voters of <br />the city November 4, 1952, adopted by California Concurrent <br />Resolution No. 10, in Assembly January 8, 1953, and in Senate <br />January 8, 1953, as amended. <br /> <br />0 <br />0 <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br /> <br />