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003 <br /> <br />hereby found and determined to be consistent with the general plan <br />of the city of Santa Aha and otherwise justified by the public <br />necessity, convenience and general welfare; <br /> <br /> 2. Those parcels of real property located generally at the <br />southeast corner of Bristol Street and Edinger Avenue and more <br />specifically delineated in Exhibit 1~ attached hereto and incorpo- <br />rated herein, are hereby reclassified from the Cl (Community <br />Commercial), C5 (Arterial Commercial), R2-B (Two-Family Residence- <br />Parking Modification), and P (Professional) districts to the O <br />(Open Space) district. Amended Sectional District Map number 24-5- <br />10 showing the said changes in use district designations is hereby <br />approved. <br /> <br /> 4. That certain Development Agreement between the City of <br />Santa Ana and the Diocese of Orange Education and Welfare Corpora- <br />tion, in the form set forth in Exhibit 2, attached hereto and <br />incorporated herein, is hereby approved, and the Mayor is autho- <br />rized to execute said Agreement on behalf of the City of Santa Ana <br />following its execution by the Diocese of Orange Education and <br />Welfare Corporation, and the Clerk of the Council to attest to the <br />same. <br /> <br /> 5. The Clerk of the Council is directed to cause a copy of the <br />said Development Agreement to be recorded in the official records <br />of Orange County, California, within ten days following its <br />effective date. As use herein effective date means the date thirty <br />days after the date of adoption of this ordinance. <br /> <br /> ADOPTED this 21st <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br /> .r Ce c. <br /> k of the Council~ / <br /> <br />day of Auqust , 1995. <br /> <br />COUNCILMEMBERS: <br /> <br />Pulido AVe <br />Richardson Aye <br />Espinoza Aye <br />Lutz _~ <br />McGuigan Aye <br />Mills Ay~ <br />Moreno Aye <br /> <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br /> <br />Edward ~. C~oo~ <br />City Attorney <br /> <br />2 <br /> <br /> <br />